Should the Bills address the Quarterback Position in This Years Draft


Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

There has been a question brought up by some media and fans as to whether or not the Bills should draft a Quarterback in this year’s draft. The answer? No, no they should not. It makes little to no sense to not only undermine EJ Manuel’s confidence by drafting another Quarterback, but it’s unnecessary and the kind of move that hurts Buffalo in the long run. If we were a team that was solid at almost all other major positions, and Quarterback was our only position of need, then I would concede t0 drafting a Quarterback. However, Buffalo has bigger needs then wasting another pick on a Quarterback who may never become our starter, and this draft is way too talented to from top to bottom to waste a pick on a position we already have.

Back to the point I was making, as fans we need to chill out and give Manuel a break. It was only his first year, and he came back from two injuries during the season. As football fans we have become accustomed to rookie QB’s coming out of the draft and being NFL ready (see: Wilson, Russell; Luck, Andrew; Griffin III, Robert). That is just not the case beside a special group of QBs. Looking at the best QB performances by rookies the top two are Robert Griffin III and Russell Wilson. Russell Wilson came on to a team that already had a great O-line and a top 5 running back with a coach who had been able to install his system with the Seahawks for 2 years in Pete Carroll. RGIII came in and took the NFL by storm. He was also injured twice in his rookie season, but he also benefited from a rookie of the year caliber performance by Alfred Morris. Morris ran for 1613 yards, and 13 TDs on 335 attempts according to Pro Football Reference. That is one incredible stat line for a rookie running back.

Now, lets look at other QBs on this list. At number 5 we have Charlie Batch, who since playing for the Lions has become a journeyman third string QB. At 12 and 13 respectively you have the incredible Matt Lienart and immortal Tim Couch. Then after the likes of Byron Leftwich and Brandon Weeden comes Peyton Manning. I’m going to say this one more time to have it really sink in. Peyton Manning had a worse rookie season then: Charlie Batch, Jeff Garcia, Sam Bradford, Ryan Tannenhill, Matt Leinart, Tim Couch, Byron Leftwich, and Brandon Weedon. Let’s revisit that last one again: Brandon Weeden had a better rookie year, statistically speaking, than Peyton Manning.

Before we crucify EJ for having a poor rookie year think of how many great Quarterbacks haven’t had great rookie years. Also, if you do believe that the Bills should draft a QB keep it to yourself. And definitely don’t say to that QBs face (yes, I’m talking to you Tim Graham). Because when you do that, you’re not only making yourself look bad, but your also making us Buffalo Fans look bad. That is not acceptable. If their is one thing I have learned in my twenty one years as a Buffalo fan, it is that if we don’t stand by each other and trust that the team will get better then we’ve already lost. Also, EJ if you happen to read this article don’t listen to those fans because a majority of us fans billeive in you.