2014 NFL Mock Draft 1.0


Using the draft simulator that Fanspeak has put together, Buffalowdown will put together their first complete mock draft this year, taking a look at all 32 NFL teams and what they will do in the first round.

We will look at what the simulator picked based on team needs and agree or disagree with them.

Lets look at picks 1-9 with the rest to follow soon.

1. Houston Texans
Johnny Manziel – QB – Texas A&M

Houston needs a QB desperately.  I can’t see them passing up Manziel with the #1 pick.

2. St. Louis Rams (from Washington)
Jake Matthews – OT – Texas A&M

The Rams got this pick from the Redskins in 2012 where RG3 went.  The Rams have selected WRs the last couple of years and are decent there even though they need a true #1 WR.  With a strong OL class this year, look for the Rams to take the top lineman.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars
Jadeveon Clowney – DE – South Carolina

With Manziel going #1, the Jags do need a QB but look for them to go Defensive End and solidify their defensive line just a little bit more.  There is not much of a stretch from the QBs that are available now to the early 2nd round.

4. Cleveland Browns
Teddy Bridgewater – QB – Louisville

Who is the QB of the Browns?  Ohh Yea, that’ right, No Clue.

5. Oakland Raiders
Derek Carr – QB – Fresno State

The Raiders are a different 4-12 team from last year, at least this is what their officials say.  With that said, the Raiders have almost too many openings to try and fill.  Best available at this point for them, QB.

6. Atlanta Falcons
Anthony Barr – OLB – UCLA

The Falcons need a guy like Barr to help their outside edge rush.  This is the most logical pick for them.

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Eric Ebron – TE – UNC

The Bucs could use either an offensive or defensive line player.  They are strong in the middle of their defense.  With the mock simulator, they do need a TE, but I would have looked at a OL or DL first, especially with Greg Robinson still available.

8. Minnesota Vikings
Mike Evans – WR – Texas A&A

This pick looked to be best available for the Vikings and the simulator has picked it just this way.  They could use a QB or a D-lineman at this point, but Mike Evans will being some offense to whoever is behind the helm for the Vikings.

9. Buffalo Bills
Greg Robinson – OT – Auburn

The Bills are in need of a couple of positions, but the biggest one is to solidify the offensive line.  Bulking up the OL will only help EJ Manuel and the offensive as a whole out.  Don’t think the Bills go in any other direction with this pick.

Stay tuned for the rest of the picks.

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