Should The Bills Be Interested in Sammy Watkins?


Jan 3, 2014; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; Clemson Tigers wide receiver Sammy Watkins (2) reacts after scoring a touchdown against the Ohio State Buckeyes in the first half of the 2014 Orange Bowl college football game at Sun Life Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

There’s no doubt the Bills will be selecting a wide receiver in the year’s upcoming draft but who that is will be a mystery. I have been looking at what’s available not only in the 1st round but also in the second round as well. With different needs this team could go in many different directions but ultimately I believe the wide receiver will be their first selection. One of the receivers I’ve looked at carefully is Sammy Watkins of Clemson.

Watkins announced earlier this month that he would be leaving for the NFL and giving up his senior season. Since that time he has been talked about as one of the best potential ready receivers. Looking at mock drafts I’ve seen him as low as 19th but on the other hand seen him going 2nd overall. Now I don’t know if 2nd is really even a realistic idea but I guess anything is possible.

His two major strengths are believed to be his footwork and vision. Watkins knows how to use his speed in different areas on the field very well and can get to that next level in a hurry if need be. He gets off blocks well and he shows to be very good after the catch. No matter where he gets the ball he can make a defense pay as he’s very good with the ball in his possession.

Some weaknesses I see Sammy having are not terrible nonetheless are parts of his game that will need to be fixed if he’s wants to be that premier player. The first thing he will really need to work on is his hands. Drops are something that will hurt him severely in the NFL if it continues. He tends to drop the easy ones at times and also is known to drop balls when he knows pressure is on the way. He needs to work on seeing the ball in and just have a better overall knowing of his surroundings. Next he will have to prove he will not be involved in any negative activities while in the league. Back in 2012 he was arrested on a drug related charge. Everyone does deserve a second chance and Watkins is no different but when a team chooses to invest in a first round player they better know what they’re getting. Another thing that may be seen as a weakness in which Sammy has no control over is his height. At 6-1 he’s not exactly that big receiver teams are looking for to be their potential number one guy. He has the intangibles to be very good but maybe in a slot role where he could be used in many different ways.

So looking at Watkins I think I would pass on selecting him if we had the chance. This Bills team needs a big weapon that could step in and contribute. If he was 6-3 even I would have no problem taking him but where we are now with wide receivers I don’t think he would help that much moving forward. What do you think?

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