Did The Bills Let The Wrong Guy Go?


Dec 8, 2013; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Da

When things are going good it’s nothing to just sit back and take it all in but with the Buffalo Bills it’s a completely different story. A Bills fan my entire life I wouldn’t want it any other way however when is this terrible stretch of game play going to end? What this Bills team needs is obvious but could one position have been scratched off the list? The name Da ‘Rick Rogers comes to mind.

One of the stories through training camp this year was that a few players now a part of the team had instances that caused discipline in their college careers. Rogers once pegged as a potential second round guy ended up never getting drafted. His past killed his chances but the Bills wasted no time in scooping him up seeing the skill he could offer the team. Basically a win-win for this team as they could cut ties at any time or just sit back and watch him produce. The problem was when training camp ended and decision time came Da ‘Rick Rogers was on the outside looking in.

It was said his lapses and mindset wasn’t fully in practices and the coaches believed that was a problem. Being at camp multiple times I never really seen any big issues nonetheless seen him convert on big plays and have minimal errors securing the football. When the news came down that they (Bills) were going to part ways with Da’Rick coach Marrone had said “I’m a big believer in the production part of it right now rather than what we’re going to get down the road,” he said. ”All the players that were released have the ability to play, but we as an organization feel that we just have better players right now.” That said what has Chris Hogan, Marcus Easley or T.J Graham done? Couldn’t they have taken a chance on him to at least see what he had to offer this season? His 6’3” 200lbs plus frame could have been exactly what this team had needed. A kid that had tremendous talent unfortunately was looked at differently because of bad decisions earlier in his life. I’m not trying to hide that because sure it was a risk for this team but he didn’t do anything while with the club and deserved a shot I think.

That brings us to this past Sunday (yesterday). Did anyone happen to see Rogers explode with a statement game? Finishing the day with 6 receptions, 107 yards receiving and 2 TD’s I think Rogers wanted to remind people he was still here and could play. Looking at those stats I couldn’t help but look up at the two I talked about earlier. He already has better stats than Hogan and almost cut Grahams total yards for the season in half and played better than him in one game than TJ’s has in his career with the Bills.

I wonder sometimes where the logic was in this coaching staff’s decision. Did they make the right call? Possibly but when you look at what Da’Rick did yesterday all I said to myself was we let him go.