You might not know it by the lack of camera time they get but the Buffalo Bills have che..."/> You might not know it by the lack of camera time they get but the Buffalo Bills have che..."/>

Introducing Your Buffalo Jill’s- Allysha


You might not know it by the lack of camera time they get but the Buffalo Bills have cheerleaders. They call themselves the Buffalo Jills and there happens to be a whopping 36 of them!

I have always been a fan of cheerleaders, unfortunately as a Bills fan I haven’t seen very many of them.  I have a theory for that too, I believe it is the fault of moderately and below average looking women becoming so furiously enraged in anger at their partners looking at attractive women bouncing around in next to nothing during game time. To them it turns a manly and violent sport into a sex fueled orgy that is going to turn their companions into sex crazed maniacs filled with violence and boners.

If the television camera’s don’t want to pay attention to the beautiful women who represent the team then I feel it is only right that somebody does. These Buffalo Jill’s are every part of the team as anyone else and to barely know their existence is a shame. I would like to take this time to pay homage to these girls that have decided to make a living out of supporting the Bills.

For the first week I feel it is only appropriate to introduce you to the first lovely lady on the Jill’s roster: Allysha

Allysha is a first year ‘rookie’ Buffalo Jill who has the legs of a dark skinned linebacker but the torso of a Jewish belly dancer. Her most memorable moment is getting into the nursing school which she is currently attending and she describes herself as ‘

Independent, loving, outgoing, strong, compassionate, extremely neat!’

And look out for this sexy little fox because along with her hobbies of ‘Spending time with her family and friends and catching up on the latest movies’ she also likes to take ‘secret street fighting classes!’  Judging by those legs too I am willing to bet she is capable of delivering a ninja kick that not too many of you want any part of, so I’ll be staying far away from this little lady.

She loves Buffalo because we have “the best fans, amazing food, all four seasons, and of course Buffalo is the home of the Bills!” I agree with the fans, food and home of my favorite team, but I think I could do without the colder seasons. Honestly though its because of those cold winter months Buffalo has that  Allysha is forced to cover up and we don’t get to appreciate how hot Allysha really is when she is out in public, and that is no reason to love Buffalo.

Allysha one day hopes to ‘open her own practice’ but lets face it, most of us are hoping she opens her…. well….. you know. And before anybody wants to criticize that remark let me kindly remind you that you yourself are the product of having sex, so to find that offensive means that you find yourself offensive.

The whole purpose of this segment is to recognize the cheerleaders of the Buffalo Bills and you dont get to be an NFL cheerleader without being one sexy individual. So although it may be true that we are glorifying sex simply by recognizing it I would say that is a lot more honest than pretending it doesn’t exist.

Thank you Allysha for being sexy and representing our Buffalo Bills, us Bills fans absolutely love and thank you!