Anyone Still Upset The Bills Didn’t Get Chip Kelly?


Oct 13, 2013; Tampa, FL, USA; Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly looks on during a timeout in the second quarter against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Raymond James Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

I can remember the day the news came down that the Buffalo Bills had selected their new coach to lead them after the release of Chan Gailey. Doug Marrone being the guy has had some NFL experience prior to recently taking an underachieving Syracuse Orangemen team and leading them to two bowl games in four years. From reading many articles and talking to different people I could have thought we signed the worst possible person for the job. I was given every name out there that would “definitely” have been better and the leader in that category was Chip Kelly.

Kelly the hot commodity from Oregon was someone that everyone was watching to see where he would go. His style of coaching was thought to be this explosive play that would have whatever team he coached be taking control of games and producing at a high level. I’ll admit I thought about it for a little bit but with no NFL experience I thought it’s going to be really tough to do. The gameplay is different, guys are bigger and just the speed of the game really changes many factors looking at college and the pros. The Bills did interview him on Jan 4th and that’s about as far as it got. Whether or not he wanted to come here or what the team wanted out of him was not really disclosed but he in the end decided to go to Philadelphia.

The Eagles started this season with a bang having everyone in the league taking notice. First off coming away with the win but also had: 443 total yards and moved the ball, 26 first downs, 77 total plays and also nearly 33 minutes with the ball. They absolutely dominated the first half and some now think that may be the only half they dominate all season. From playing that great football in week 1 this team hasn’t shown basically anything since. Some believe Kelly’s thinking of the offense has been discovered and now this team will have to come up with something different. Arguably he has better players at the QB, RB, WR and TE position. With that said what if he was here and the Bills were dealing with this? Having what he has there and not being able to get it going is kind of scary.

Now back to the Bills and their selection. Marrone being named as the Bills 17th head coach I believe was a great signing. Not having that head coaching experience but being in the league and knowing how it works is good in my opinion. Taking what you have learned and molding it into something that no team will be able to see and study is something this team needed. Signing a retread coach and having him roll is scheme as he did with his last team wouldn’t have really done it for me. Marrone with his coordinators Hackett (offense) Pettine (defense) have dialed up an up-tempo and aggressive game plan and so far it seems to be working. Although their record doesn’t show it this team has shown it’s gotten better and with another good draft under their belts and a little less injury trouble this team may be a future contender again.

So when it comes to me the high profile coach/player isn’t always the best bet. Getting a guy that the locker room believes in and also players that play for each other is what this league is about. I think this Bills team will turn heads next season for sure but also keep an eye on them this season as well. Although I don’t think the playoffs are in play this season you never know and also as they get healthier anything can happen.

What was your thought of Kelly? Did you want him to coach the Bills?