Bill’s road to the playoffs


Oct 13, 2013; Orchard Park, NY, USA; Buffalo Bills quarterback Thad Lewis (9) jumps in the crowd to celebrate his touchdown during the first quarter against the Cincinnati Bengals at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

At 3 and 4 through almost half of the season, the Bills are not considered a playoff team. Let’s take a look at the rest of their schedule to see if this perception can be changed.
The Bills have 9 games left and realistically would have to win at least 6 of these games to even have a long shot at making the playoffs. 9 and 7 might get them into the playoffs but 10 and 6 very probably will. So, how possible is it for them to reach these numbers? As a matter of fact it is not impossible if the Bills beat the teams that they can, it may even be more in the realm of possible.
The next 2 games against the Saints and the Chiefs are the hardest part of the remaining schedule. Even if we assume that they lose both of these games the rest of the schedule is against mediocre teams except for the last game against New England.
Buffalo will play the Steelers and the Jets before heading into their bye week in week 12. Both of these teams are beatable and the Bills need to win both games. So if the Bills win these 2 games they go into their bye week with a record of 5 & 6.
Now the Bills have a week to rest up and heal some injuries. Hopefully at this point of the season we have a fully healthy CJ Spiller, Fred Jackson and possibly get EJ Manuel back as well. Assuming the injury bug doesn’t keep biting this team they should come off the bye week healthier than they have been all season.
After the bye week we face the Falcons, Bucs, Jaguars, Dolphins and then finally the Patriots. To make the playoffs we would likely have to win 4 out of these remaining 5 games. All of these teams are beatable this year. The Falcons are not playing very well right now, the Bucs and Jags are 2 of the worst teams in the league. It is the divisional games with the Dolphins and Patriots that are the big games to win. With the tiebreakers for the playoffs being head to head, then divisional record the Bills really need to win the rest of their Division games to cement a playoff spot or possibly help them grab one of the Wild Card spots.
Let’s assume that the Broncos or the Chiefs will claim one of the Wild Card spots with the other winning the AFC west. Of the rest of the teams fighting for the wildcard at this point of the season the best record is 4 and 3. That means that the Bills are only one game out of a Wild Card spot even with their current record.
Yes, many things would have to go right for the Bills to make the playoffs, but if you look at their remaining schedule it is possible. They just have to win all the games they should win and pick up a couple of upsets and they could make it.
These next 2 games are going to be tough, if they could win one of them that would make the playoffs much more realistic but even if they don`t it is still possible to see the first playoff game this century for the Bills.
What does everybody think? Is this possible or just a pipe dream?
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