Buffalo Bills VS. Baltimore Ravens: Champs and Chumps


Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports


Kiko Alonso

Kiko continued his fantastic rookie year with a great game against the Ravens. He had 5 tackles, 2 INTs including the game-clinching diving interception. He continues to be the heart and soul of this defense. This game earns his spot on the champs list.

Marcel Dareus

If you read my preview of this game, you know that the key to the game was getting to Joe Flacco. Marcel Dareus did just that. With 7 tackles, 2 of which were sacks, he made Flacco uncomfortable all day. Even without getting a sack, he put the much needed pressure on Flacco. This pressure caused all 5 of those INTs. That deserves a spot on the champs list.

Torrey Smith

The only bright spot for the Ravens all day was Torrey Smith. He burned the defense for 166 yards and a TD. He had one less receiving yard than Manuel had passing. That is pretty impressive. He was the only receiver that Flacco trusted, and even with the loss, Torrey deserves a spot on the champs list.

Robert Woods

Another Bills rookie on this list, and he deserved it. Leading the team in receiving yards with 80, it looked like Manuel found another reliable option in this offense. Robert Woods caught 40% of the completed passes for EJ Manuel. Woods wins and gets on the champ list.


Ravens Running Game

When you only get 24 yards rushing in a game, you are bound to lose. However, the game was down to the wire. It makes it worse these 24 yards came against the second-worst run defense in the league entering the game in the Bills. Even though the NFL is a passing league, the run game is as key as anything. Those 24 yards earned this running game on the chumps list.

Steve Johnson

1 catch for -1 yards are not stats of a number one receiver. Steve Johnson could not get the ball in his hands on Sunday. This is not the Steve Johnson we have come to recognize. However, whenever you get negative yards, you earn yourself a spot on the chumps list.

Joe Flacco

347 yards and 2 TDs sounds great! However, when you throw not 1, not 2, but 5 INTs, the game just went from great to awful. Especially when the defense is average at best. Joe Flacco wins or loses games for the defending champs Baltimore Ravnes, and Sunday he lost that game. However, he won a spot on the chumps list!

Honorable Mention: Terrell Suggs

Terrell Suggs had an amazing game up until the final minute. He cost his team a shot at winning the game (even though they needed a miracle). When EJ Manuel was taking a knee with 45 seconds left on 3rd down, Suggs crushes Manuel and knocks off his helmet costing his team a shot (with 5 seconds). This resulted in a 15 yard automatic first down and the end of the game.

Have anyone else you think should be on this list? Sound off in the comments below. Come back next week for the Champs and Chumps of the Bills and Browns game!