Can a thin Bills lineup hang with Baltimore?


CJ Spiller gets into open space against the Chiefs in 2012 (AP Photo/Bill Wippert)

Rather than an angry rant filled podcast, I’ve decided to share my wisdom and incite this week with the written word.  Yes, it was blatantly obvious in last week’s loss to the Jets, that the secondary is very thin.  Yes, they need help at offensive line.  It’s true, there are many things for Bills fan to get down on.  However, there are still many bright spots on this team.

E.J. Manuel was out shined by fellow rookie QB Geno Smith, but E.J. still stood tall leading Buffalo on a game tying touchdown drive and two point conversion. However, it was evident late in the game that he wasn’t getting the blocking that he needed.  It’s true that Jet’s head coach, Rex Ryan, likes to run an aggressive attacking defense, but shouldn’t the Bills have been prepared for it?  Let’s hope offensive line coach Pat Morris watched plenty of game film and has a plan for this week.  You’re not giving your quarterback a chance to win when you can’t keep the opposing defense from getting to him.

Fantasy footballers and Bills fans are waiting to see the same performance we saw out of C.J. Spiller last season.   A combination of solid blocking, along with getting C.J. into open space would be a much needed face lift for the Bills offense.  I never thought I was miss Chan Gailey’s screen passes, but more often than not C.J. would flourish in open space.  If offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett can utilize Fred Jackson for those “in between the tackle” play calls, and use C.J. in more pitch outs and screen passes, the ground game could be dangerous.

On defense the number one task it Buffalo’s ability to stop the run.  The Bill’s defense has allowed a one hundred yard rusher every week this season.  It doesn’t look good as Baltimore Running back Ray Rice is expected to start.  Yes, he only has 79 yards in 2 games, but with the way Buffalo has defended the run, this could be his breakout game.  Through three games the Bills have allowed their opponents to earn 465 rushing yards.  So, it’s simple, right?  Stop the run stop the Ravens.  If only it was that simple, as last year’s Superbowl MVP Quarterback, Joe Flacco, has lit up the air with 744 yards.  The Bill’s secondary is thin enough, that stopping Flacco seems unlikely.

With a depleted Bills defense an unlikely win today will rest on the productivity of the offense.  As we get close to game time, all Bills fans can do is “BILLeve”