What to do with Jairus Byrd


Dec 24, 2011; Orchard Park, NY, USA; Buffalo Bills free safety Jairus Byrd (31) intercepts a pass from Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow (not pictured) and runs it back for a touchdown during the second half at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

What to do with Jairus Byrd? Jairus Byrd was franchised tagged last year and he has shown hints of leaving the Bills. Last year Byrd wouldn’t agree to terms with the Bills missing most of training camp and being selfish about his money issues. Jairus is currently signed to a one year deal with the Bills. He will probably be leaving the Bills after this year thus giving the Bills a huge question mark for their secondary. There a multiple options to replace the two time pro-bowler but most of them will mainly be downgrading from the interception machine that Byrd is. Byrd will be wanting big money for the type of huge play maker he is.

Option one for the Bills could be to open up their checkbook and pay Byrd the big money he wants but Byrd probably won’t come back to play for this Buffalo team he does not seem to love and care for. The Bills need to get Byrd back as he is a huge time play maker for the Bills defense along with a leader for this relatively young team.

Option two for the Bills would be to trade away Byrd for potentially a 4th or 5th round pick unless if a team would be willing to put up with his attitude then Bills might be able to get a 3rd round pick for Byrd. I don’t see this option happening at all mainly because trades are so rare in the NFL and most teams won’t be willing to give up their draft picks.

Option three for the Bills would be to let Byrd walk and try to sign a FS to replace Byrd for less money. This probably won’t happen if the Bills are going to sign anyone they hope it will be Byrd. The Bills probably wont go this direction unless Byrd truly wants to leave the Bills and if the Bills feel as if the upcoming rookies will be to no use for their team.

Option four which in my opinion is the most likely to happen will be that the Bills let Byrd walk and draft a rookie or two to help out the secondary. Some of the possible rookie candidates to fill Bryd’s role could be the Alabama standout Ha Ha Clinton Dix. While Clinton Dix might be considered a safety I think he could transition nicely in a free safety role for Bills. One of the main leaders of the strong Alabama defensive is coming off of a monster season for the Tide compiling 5 interception. Another Option could be Ed Reynolds the junior from Stanford. Ed Reynolds was 1 yard shy of breaking the record for interception return yards last year over 6 interceptions. Ed Reynolds just like Ha Ha is listed as a strong safety but both of them due to their athleticism could mold into a nice free safety role for the Bills.

What  do think the Bills should do to with Byrd?

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