Buffalo Bills Fantasy Outlook


The Buffalo Bills, coming into week three have a decent fantasy lineup. Their match up against the Jets will prove to be a difficult one though.  We will look at some players to keep an eye on and possibly start in your fantasy lineup.

 The first player we will look at is CJ Spiller.  Spiller had averaged 6 yards per carry against the Jets last year.  Last week Spiller came into a zone and scored 11 ½ points.  He is projected to put up mid-12 this week.  Last week Spillar was used as a committee back and nothing looks to change this week but look for his explosiveness to make up for the fact that Jackson will get almost half of the carries.  Spiller, as always, is a number one running back in all leagues, unless he’s hurt, don’t sit him.

 Stevie Johnson came away with a monumental day last week putting up just over 17 points against the panthers.  This week Johnson will be matched up against Cromartie.  The Bills were able to create mismatches by putting Johnson in the slot last week.  Look for them to do the same thing this week to try and get a favorable match up. Johnson is still a good second wide receiver in most leads to look for him to put up a 9 to 10 point range again. 

 With the Jets giving up the 13th most fantasy points to wide receivers look for Robert Woods to be a good option in your fantasy league.  Look for Woods to play as a third wide receiver or a flex position as he is getting more and more targets each game.  He was able to come away with just over 9 points last week and I see this week against the Jets not being any different.  Woods has also moved up on the depth chart and is now the number two wide receiver for the Buffalo Bills.

 EJ Manual is coming off a solid game against the Panthers. Although he did not produce as many points this past week as he did in the game against the Patriots, Manuel is still projected to be in the mid-teen range.  The Jets lack a dominant pass rushing defensive line and last week they sat their starting cornerback Milliner, Manual should still be able to produce both on the ground and in air. 

 Fred Jackson is another viable option with teams that have an injury to a running back or a flex option position.  Jackson has put up almost 24 points so far in two weeks.  He is projected to put up just under 9 points this week and seeing as he’s getting the majority of third down carries and short yardage carries, look for him to get those 9 points.