The Manuel To Success: Buffalo Bills Week 2


Sep 8, 2013; Orchard Park, NY, USA; Buffalo Bills quarterback EJ Manuel (3) walks off the field after a game against the New England Patriots at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Patriots beat the Bills 23 to 21. Mandatory Credit: Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

1.) Find Offensive Rhythm

Establish an offensive rhythm. The Buffalo Bills up-tempo offense is going to go nowhere fast if they don’t establish an offensive rhythm early. Spiller couldn’t find himself Sunday while offensive veterans Stevie Johnson and Scott Chandler had decent play but also had big drops late in the game. The offensive veterans need to find their rhythm to allow the rookies to get more comfortable in the offensive game plan; The best way to do this is taking off some of the defensive pressure by being a consistent playmaker. EJ Manuel looked good in his season opener but there were times were he could have made the throw but doubted himself and made an indecisive throw; he needs to get comfortable enough to attack the defense. Establishing a successful rhythm will allow the offense to maintain an up tempo pace that Nathaniel Hackett and the Buffalo Bills desperately need.

2.) Use Fred Jackson & CJ Spiller Dynamically

If anything is going to get the offense going, it has to be CJ Spiller & Fred Jackson. The Buffalo Bills offense needs to find ways to involve Jackson & Spiller in all aspects of the game. Put them out wide or in the slot and use them to recharge a passing game and wear out the Panthers’ stout defensive front. The key to getting both players hot early and often is getting the ball in their hands in various way.  This will give our passing attack time to develop in the game as well, allowing the whole offense to create scoring opportunities. Use Spiller & Jackson as a 1-2 punch combo and the Buffalo offense will thrive.

3.) Play Action: A Rookie’s Best Friend

Nothing helps a rookie quarterback more than a successful and effective play action pass. The play action pass will get the defense committing to either the run or the pass, leaving space for CJ Spiller & Fred Jackson to run or give Ej Manuel and his wideouts more 1 0n 1 opportunities.

4.) Stingy Defense

That being said, the Buffalo Bills need to bring the aggressive and stingy defense they brought last week and refine it to contain Cam Newton & Co.  Their running game can be lethal to a defense; luckily for the Buffalo Bills their defense should be used to playing against an up tempo style offense so they should be more than prepared for a full four quarters of fast hitting football. Carolina’s defense and linebackers are a respected defense in the NFL, which means the Buffalo Bills will need to play at their best to give our offense the chance to score points. Big hits =Turnovers. The Buffalo Bills need to make sure we capitalize on turnovers like last week.

5.) Cornerbacks

This group will have to step up this weekend. They stepped up in week one against the New England Patriots and they will need to do so again against Steve Smith and Greg Olsen. We have youth and energy on our side, but these guys will need to make a name for themselves if they want to even have a chance to win on Sunday. With Stephon Gilmore still nursing his wrist injury, it  is crucial for the corners to follow the defensive gameplan and execute. This will give the Buffalo Bills the best chance to succeed.