Mario Williams Season Two


Nov. 25, 2012; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Indianapolis Colts quarter back Andrew Luck (12) is taken down by Buffalo Bills defensive end Mario Williams (94) during the second half at Lucas Oil Stadium. The Colts won, 20-13. Mandatory Credit: Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

This year this Bills team I think will have a defense world’s better than last year. No answers/adjustments during last season games just had the defense getting torched game in game out. Coaching to me was 100% at fault as it’s their job to make the necessary changes. One player that many people kept a close watch on was Mario Williams.

When he was signed the city of Buffalo for the most part was very happy. Finally able to get the big fish in free agency showed fans that they didn’t want that cheap label associated with them and they are changing. Williams looked at as a great pickup to immediately help this team’s defense.

As he began his first season with the Bills it came with some questions about his play. Not playing up to some expectations (no one is worth $100m) had people questioning what was going on. Some answers were then given early in the season when Williams had suffered a wrist injury. The injury came with a lot of controversy. How did he get the injury, what doctors looked at him and evaluated him and also did the coaching staff even know what was going on. Eventually the problem was taken care of and he finished out the season.

Once the season ended people were not happy with Mario and his production. I on the other hand didn’t think he did that bad of the job. Finishing the season with 10.5 sacks, 2 forced fumbles and 46 total tackles aren’t terrible stats by any means. Aside from that he got attention from offensive lineman and was double teamed at times that allowed others to pressure the QB. Those stats are not seen on the sheet and this season I believe he will be given more credit for that.

When this season kicks off the defense especially the guys upfront will have to get good pressure early in games. With the inexperience in the defensive backfield the more pressure the better. I think Mario Williams will end up having the season everyone wanted him to have last year. Causing havoc all over the field and having lineman worry about what’s going to happen next is what Bills fans want to see coming into the season particularly in week 1 against the Patriots.

If this defense is successful just remember the guys up front are the ones who will make it happen. If the QB has time to throw all over the field this team will surrender a lot of points. Time will tell but one thing is for sure this team will be giving Brady and the Pats all they have.