Does Da’Rick Rogers Make This Bills Squad?


Jul 28, 2013; Pittsford, NY, USA; Buffalo Bills wide receiver Da

When this past draft ended it seemed that the Bills were able to land the biggest undrafted free agent in Da’Rick Rogers. Many teams were reportedly interested but in the end the Bills were able to get him. Once a thought of being a threat on this team at the receiver position is now fighting to just make the team.

Rogers was once looked at as a potential 2nd round pick but chose to make bad decisions during his college career. Those choices he made had NFL teams inquiring but as you seen by now no team actually wasted a pick on him. Da’Rick from what I have read has always had that great potential and skill but just couldn’t get away from that childish/selfish way of life. Doing what you want and not abiding by the rules may let you slide through college somewhat but no NFL team will put up with it.

Now when he entered training camp Rogers was one of the big talks as the Bills entered St John Fisher. How would he perform, could he stay out of trouble were some of the questions surrounding him. As I followed camp and also talking to others that did as well it seemed Da’Rick just wasn’t into camp. Miscommunications, not knowing when to be on the field and simply not getting involved in the passing game as much as his teammates has pretty much kept him out of the conversation.

As preseason began Rogers I thought would finally be able to show what he could do but that wasn’t the case. Not getting involved basically at all and also having some mental lapse was exactly what he didn’t need. Lining up on the wrong side of the field and not competing until he heard a whistle will definitely be things he thinks about if the Bills decide to cut him.

So when the Bills coaches agree on a roster one big question will be Rogers. Do they want to try and stash him on the practice squad and hope another team doesn’t sign him or do they cut him all together? Personally I would be letting him go as I haven’t seen enough out of him to waste a roster spot in hope of him turning it around. I know there’s some time left but to me it’s just too late. What would you do if it was your choice?