Recap: Bills 20 – Vikings 16


The Bills took on the Minnesota Vikings Friday night to take their 2nd win of the preseason. Kolb started for the Bills and was by all means a major disappointment. Below are the more notable plays of the game with the Vikings receiving the ball to start the game. When the highlights become available I will update with links to the replays.

Jerry Hughes sacks Christian Ponder on the very first play for 7 yard loss to start off the opening drive, Vikings go 3 and out

Kolb hands off to Spiller for the first 2 plays, then throws a dump pass to Spiller that was too short and the Bills are forced to punt

Vikings attempt 2 passes and a run before going 3 and out

C. Hogan took a face mask penalty on the ensuing punt costing the Bills 15 yards

Spiller fights hard for a first down by shoving a defenders face down into the ground before Kolb throws an interception 2 plays later.

Ponder miscues the snap and is sacked for a loss of 5 yards by Manny Lawson. the Bills Defense continues to play strong as the Vikings attempt a 49 yard field goal that is wide right

Bills take a 10 yard holding penalty, Vikings decline for 2nd and 5

Kolb makes a late throw that is almost picked, then Kolb scrambles for 7 yards on 3rd and 15.

Robey gets a questionable pass interference call and the Bills take an offsides penalty soon after

The Vikings get into the red zone but the Bills defense holds strong as Dareus sacks Ponder for a loss of 9 yards on 3rd and 8, Vikings field goal is good

Vikings 3 – Bills 0

Goodwin takes the kickoff for a gain of 28 but the bills take an illegal block in the back penalty. End of 1st quarter.

Fred Jackson and Frank Summers get most of the work as the bills eventually come up short and are forced to punt

Alan Branch takes a neutral zone infraction, but the bills bring so much pressure on the following three plays it was too much for the Vikings to handle and they are forced to punt

Robert Woods has a beautiful 33 yard return on a 50 yard punt giving the Bills great field position on the Vikings 42

Kolb sucks it big time as he throws 2 bad throws behind his receivers and the Bills go 3 and out

Cassel comes in and fumbles the snap,  J. Blatnick recovers in the end zone for a Buffalo touchdown

Vikings 3 – Bills 7

Jerry Hughes sacks Cassel for an 8 yard loss on 3rd and 2, Vikings punt

The Bills go 59 yards in 15 plays and settle for a field goal

Vikings 3 – Bills 10

Buffalo’s Robey takes a Defensive Offside penalty but the bills force a punt in 4 plays

Kolb throws a pair of 20 yard passes to Woods and Easely but overthrows Easley on 3rd and 1, bills attempt a 35 yard field goal and it is good

Vikings 3 – Bills 13

EJ Manuel starts the 2nd half

Easely makes a beautiful catch for a first down but gets an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for standing up and dropping the ball in a challenging manner

Manuel caps off a 14 play 80 yard touchdown drive with a 4 yrd pass to a wide open Brad  Smith

Vikings 3 – Bills 20

Vikings take the kickoff to the house but it comes back on a holding penalty

Cassel’s throw is batted away by J. Ross on 3rd and 3 and the Vikings are forced to punt.

The vikings punt backs us up to our own 3 yard line and Manuel is forced to throw away 2 passes after T. Choice loses a yard, Bills punt

Dowtin rushes in for the Bills 6th sack of the night for a 9 yard loss and the Vikings punt after the next play.

Vikings field the ball on our own 2 yard line

Vikings take a holding penalty and EJ immediately throws a 25 yard pass to Kaufman.

Bills take a holding penalty as Zach Brown takes a helmet to helmet hit that is not called.

Manuel takes his first sack on 3rd and 8 to end the 3rd quarter.

Bills blitzed on 8 of the 11 defensive snaps for the quarter

Meeks runs down and stops a sure touchdown on a 38 yard run by J.Banyard

Vikings get a first down on 4th and 6 the Bills 2 yard line, then score a touchdown on a on 4th and 1 on the goal line

Vikings 10 – Bills 20

Jeff Tuel comes in and after 2 runs by Choice and an incomplete pass the Bills go 3 and out.

The Bills bat down 2 passes during the drive but the Vikings end up throwing a 35 yard touchdown, they go for 2 points but the Bills are called for offsides and holding, offsides is declined while the holding is enforced. The Vikings attempt the 2 point conversion again which is intercepted by I.Cross

Vikings 16 -Bills 20

Kaufan takes in a 18 yard catch on 3rd and 3

Bills get called for 12 men on the field and then Tuel is immediately sacked for a 9 yard loss setting up a 2nd and 24, Bills punt 2 plays later.

Vikings get the ball back at the 2 minute warning and return the ball to their own 43.

Vikings go for it on 4th and 10, Bills blitz and the pass is incomplete, Bills win 20 – 16

EJ Manuel is named Player of the game going 10 for 12, 92 yards with 1 touchdown and no interceptions.