Does Tuel Make The Team?


Aug 11, 2013; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Buffalo Bills quarterback Jeff Tuel (8) throws a pass against the Indianapolis Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium. Buffalo defeats Indianapolis 44-20. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

After the first preseason game the Bills got a good look at their quarterbacks. Two that is as Kolb wasn’t on the field at all. Although he is likely to get in a good amount of work on Friday but him not being in the lineup Sunday has made things hard on this coaching staff.

Kevin Kolb was signed I believe strictly to be a figure to help guide along our hopeful franchise quarterback in EJ Manuel. He has been in the league a while now and has seen a lot. Injuries have plagued his career as he seems to never be healthy. His chances to start now I think have gone from a pretty good chance early on to basically none as EJ has shown he can play and shows positive movements day to day.

Jeff Tuel is the other quarterback on this roster currently and lately has stirred up a little controversy amongst fans. Some after seeing his play in camp and during the team’s first preseason game wants to know what he can do to get that chance to possibly play a bigger role with this team. Seeing that he’s playing against teams 3&4’s there’s not much that can be taken away from that. The long ball is definitely something Tuel likes to use in his game so whenever he’s given that opportunity you don’t have to tell him twice. He has been successful thus far in camp using that as a weapon but managing a whole game is a whole different story than showing flashes that he could be good. I’m not saying that he couldn’t do it but I can see why he really hasn’t been given that many reps with the 1’s as they have invested so much into Manuel. The thing about Manuel is that he was the first quarterback taken in this past draft so the Bills are really on the hook for him. If he doesn’t work out the Bills will have to face it and come out and basically admit fault in a bad judgment call. Manuel I still believe was taken way too high but I hope he does work out for this team.

So as we still have three preseason games to go Kolb who was brought in for that coaching and guidance I believe will be 2nd on the depth chart when it’s all said and done. I also think Tuel will be kept on the active roster because if not a different team I believe would take a chance on him.