The Buffalo Bills played the Indianapolis Colts Sunday in a game that was full of great p..."/> The Buffalo Bills played the Indianapolis Colts Sunday in a game that was full of great p..."/>

Recap: Bills Beat the Colts 44-20 Notes and Highlights


The Buffalo Bills played the Indianapolis Colts Sunday in a game that was full of great playing by Buffalo as they beat Indianapolis 44- 20. EJ Manuel played the entire first half as Jeff Tuel took over after the 2nd.

The bills defense was the first to showcase their skills and did so by forcing a punt after 4 plays by the Colts.

The punt is fumbled inside the 10 yard line by Robert Woods, and Marquise Goodwin got a penalty for going out of bounds and hitting a defender resulting in the Bills starting at their own 3 yard line.

CJ Spiller looks good early as he started off the drive with the first 3 touches running for 17, 15 and 1 yards respectfully before Indy’s defense  forces a punt.

Mario Williams gets a sack on Andrew Luck

Ron Brooks gets a penalty for taunting, but immediately followed that up by forcing a fumble with a monster of a hit. Ball recovered by D. Searcy.

CJ Spiller fumbles the Ball which was recovered by Indy.

Bills red-zone defense looks good as Kiko Alonso broke up a sure touchdown pass in the end zone and the Colts were soon after forced to settle for a field goal.

Indy 3 – Buffalo 0

Marquise Goodwin returned the following kick off 53 yards to the Buffalo 48.

Manuel scrambles for 24 yards on a 3rd and 5

Colts defense holds strong inside the 10 and forces a Buffalo field goal.

Indy3 – Bufalo 3

Colts end the 1st quarter by throwing a 45 yard touchdown pass

Indy 10 – Buffalo 3

Bills go 3 and out and then Searcy picked off a Hasslebeck pass at the Indy 31

Bills stopped at the 5 and kick a field goal instead of going for 4th and 2

Indy 10 – Buffalo 6

Colts get inside the 30 and settle for a field goal

Indy 13 – Buffalo 6

Goodwin returns the kick 107 yards for a touchdown

Indy 13 – Buffalo 13

Ron Brooks stops the following kick return at Indy’s own 8 yard line

Bills back Indy up to a 3rd and 22 that results in Bills ball at the 2 minute warning

Buffalo marches down the field 92 yards in 10 plays in 1 minute and 36 seconds that was capped off with a 17 yard touchdown pass from Manuel to Dorin Dickerson

Indy 13 – Buffalo 20

Commentator on NFL network said that Buffalo’s special teams has been “very impressive”

Jeff Tuel comes in for the 2nd half

Dorin Dickerson takes a 10 yard holding penalty but Bills keep the ball moving with a couple of Macus Easley catches and a pass interference call against the Colts.

Bills go 80 yards in 11 plays in a touchdown drive capped off with a 6 yard pass from Jeff Tuel to Da’Rick Rodgers

Indy 13 – Buffalo 27

Bills Defense plays strong to force a punt in 4 plays, Buffalo ball at their own 20.

Andrew Luck is interviewed and seems sad about being sacked by Mario Williams.

Indy’s Rayford takes a 15 yard roughing the passer penalty for a cheap forearm across the face.

Buffalo marches down to Indy’s 12 yard line off a slew of Easley catches but Tuel fumbles the snap on 3rd and 12,  Zach Brown recovers and the Bills settle for a field goal

Indy 13 – Buffalo 30

Colts immeadiately go 3 and out as Buffalo brings too much pressure and force a punt at the 13 yard line resulting in great field position for Buffalo

Bills go 3 and out but punt the ball and pin the Colts at the 10 yard line

Colts get a delay of game penalty on 2nd and 10

Frank Summers has a monster sack for a 9 yard loss, Indy punts and Buffalo is called for an illegal block in the back.

Buffalo’s Kaufman makes a beautiful 29 yard catch as the 3rd quarter comes to an end.

Jeff Tuel had the ball questionabley striped which resulted in a fumble recovery for a touchdown

Indy 20 – Buffalo 30

Bills get an offensive holding penalty and the Bills are eventually  forced to punt at their own 44

Bills force Indy to punt after 4 plays

Bills go for 4th and 3 on the Indy 5 yard line and Jeff Tuel connects with Kaufman for a touchdown

Indy 20 – Buffalo 37

Bills special teams continues to play well stopping the Colts at their own 13

On 2nd and 10 J. Rolle intercepts the ball and runs it in for a touchdown, the play is challenged but upheld.

Indy 20 – Buffalo 44

Colts go 3 and out as the Bills defense continues to play very well.

Bills are forced to punt after going 3 and out.

Colts go for it on 4th and 7 and turn over the ball with 49 seconds left in the game and the bills kneel the ball and call it a game

Bills win 44 -20