Breaking Brad Smith.


With all of the new scenarios going on in almost every aspect of the Bills organization this year there has been an incredible amount of things to talk about. Between the completely overhauled coaching staff and a quarterback competition that nobody can honestly predict, there is plenty of things to discuss when it comes to the Bills these days and what is to come from them this season. Somewhere between Mario Williams foot being sore and coach Marrone rightfully scolding the press over them unreasonably asking the same unanswerable questions, we have somehow managed to miss the importance of Brad Smith restructuring his contract and taking a million dollar paycut.

Brad Smith is hungry for balls, not those kind of balls… footballs.

Unlike previous years where Brad was listed as a 3rd string QB, but was mainly used as a wide receiver, he is no longer wearing a red jersey in camp, and there is no real intention to act like he is a  potential quarterback candidate. Brad Smith is competing for a wide receiver spot in a complete logjam of talent, and I am not convinced he is athletically gifted enough to beat out his competition. But the organization see’s something in Brad Smith that is worth keeping, and that is seriously something to recognize.

The fact that the Bills restructured his contract almost guarantee’s that he will be making the 53 man roster, otherwise they would of just released him like they did Mark Anderson. Smith is a talent they feel they can still utilize, but not at the price the previous management thought he was worth. Honestly though, that is the same management that gave Ryan Fitzpatrick a 6 year $59 million contract. Make no mistake about it,  Brad Smith is a talented athlete, but to say he earned the contract he was being paid is just complete insanity.

If this contract restructure means anything its that Brad Smith is a player that this coaching staff wants to utilize, but cant reasonably pay the insane amount of money previous management threw his way. If you think they restructured his contract and they don’t plan on him being a part of the 53 man final roster, then you obviously don’t understand this team right now. Brad Smith’s days of being listed as the 3rd string QB are over, but don’t be surprised if you see him throw a pass or 2 this year.

I would like to be the first to welcome Brad Smith to the 2013 Buffalo Bills, while your teamate Jarius Byrd is holding out over contractual issues, you sir took less money to remain part of a team. Not  just a team either,  a family. I will always consider Brad Smith a brother now because of his devotion to Buffalo, I hope the rest of you respect the move as much as I do. Please leave a comment below about how you feel about Brad Smith, Do you feel the same way I do about this?