Da’Rick Pile.


Da’Rick Rogers is a player that is a rather large problem in Buffalo right now, but that problem is the most beautiful problem a football team could ask for. Rogers is seriously competing for a wide receiver roster spot that has the most competition I can ever recall seeing in my 20+ years of following the bills. Furthermore he is doing a damn fine job of getting the coaches to recognize his determination and play-making ability.

Da’Rick Rogers went undrafted this year despite being  a top performer in 5 of the 7 categories he competed in at this years combine. Averaging just under 20 yards a play in his sophomore and senior years,  Rogers is a physical presence with great hands and an ability to stay on his feet after an attempted tackle. Rogers fights for every last inch he can get out of a play, and the amount of effort he puts into making a play is sure to result in him gaining a rather large fan base in Buffalo.

So far in training camp Roger’s has impressed coach Doug Marrone who praised him by saying-  “I think he has stepped it up from when we were in OTAs and mini-camp. I believe he’s in better shape than he was before. That’s a credit to him and our conditioning people and what he did in the offseason”.   For a player that seems to have so many behavioral issues he sure seems to be working pretty hard to be a part of this team. I think it is just a matter of time before you see people in the rock pile section of Ralph Wilson Stadium holding up signs that read “Da’Rick Pile”.

Da’Rick is someone that everyone turned their backs on because he behaved like a child while he was essentially a child. He got into mischief with his friends while enjoying his youth, and he was punished greatly because of it.  I honestly believe Rodgers was not trying to destroy his future or that of anyone else, he merely lived his life and ended up in bad situations.  I am quite certain my own personal behavior has been 10x worse than anything that Da’Rick Rodgers has even considered doing, but gifted athletes are held to the absolute highest standard and the slightest misstep can result in absolute anarchy.

Rogers seems to be very serious about making the best of an opportunity to start over, which is something that every single person deserves if they truly want to make the best of their life and turn a new leaf. I believe Da’Rick Rodgers wants to be a good person and is in good hands with coach Marrone and the Bills organization. I also think he is a lock for making this team as long as he remains healthy. If that happens you can look forward to a couple of end zone celebrations from the man, because this guy has talent that is impossible to ignore. Anybody else with me? Please comment below with what you think about Da’Rick Rogers since he joined the Buffalo Bills?