Byrd Flu? Are thoughts about Jarius turning Ill with buffalo fans?


is Jarius Byrd losing support from buffalo fans?

With the first practice of training camp just moments away, we hardcore bills fans can barely wait to get this show on the road. With a brand new coaching staff, and a Quarterback competition that is far from complete, we are sure to see quite a few changes before the season opener against the Patriots. For those of you that have been following the contract negotiations between the Bills and Jarius Byrd it should be no surprise that he will not be participating in tonight’s sold out practice at St. John Fisher.

Almost all of the players voluntarily checked in early for training camp on Friday, understanding there is still a lot of work to do the players main concern at this time is is obviously their team. When players check into training camp 2 full days before they have to, it shows that they are putting the team first and are willing to sacrifice 48 hours of their life they do not have to give up in order to make this team better. So when bills fans see that their favorite free safety is not even considering participating in camp, and that he seems to be more concerned about the extra millions of dollars in his contract than catching up to the rest of the team and all that work he missed in OTA’s, it should be no surprise that thoughts about Byrd have quickly gone sour.

Buffalo is a place where we work very hard for our money, and if there is one thing you can never get a Buffalonian to sympathize with it is someone refusing to play a game because they are not earning more millions of dollars. Just a few weeks ago the general consensus on the situation was that we should pay the man the extra money, we love him, and we should lock him up. Now that the two sides have not been able to come to an agreement and Jarius Byrd is now holding out during  training camp,  thoughts on Bryd have shifted dramatically. While perusing the comments on the latest Byrd article on you will find responses like  “I realize its about the mighty dollar- But I am definitely losing respect for the man, By By Byrdie.”.

Buffalo is not a place to hold out because you don’t have enough millions in your paycheck, we respect and honor selfless actions, not greed or punishing us fans because you want more money. Byrd could catch 70 interceptions this year, but that wouldn’t be enough for a lot us to forget his true colors. We understand you have to do whats best for you and your family,  but we are your family too Byrd.  You are letting a lot of people down right now, and the longer this goes on the more fans you can expect to lose. What are your thoughts on Byrd holding out going into training camp? Feel free to comment below.