Drinking at the stadium.


If you have ever been to a sporting event,  there is a good chance alcoholic beverages were sold. Professional sports and booze go hand in hand, and there is usually no shortage of inappropriate behavior as a result. Everyone likes to have a good time, but the fact of the matter is that your drunken behavior is probably negatively affecting the good time of those around you.

I like many others enjoy a nice cold beer as i watch my favorite team go to battle in front of thousands of screaming fans. Most fans are not capable of consuming a large amount of alcohol and still positively contributing to a home crowd, but they sure think they can dont they?

There is plenty of behavior that takes place at an NFL stadium that would easily offend the average citizen. General disrespect is hardly short on hand, and a drunk fan cares very little about your feelings. If you tell him/her what your feelings are, then that person will most likely attempt to destroy those feelings.

I have seen some of the most atrocious behavior displayed by human beings, and 90% of these things have all happened at a place that sold alcoholic beverages. I have seen and heard horror stories of the activities that happen at a stadium, and it can reasonably be considered a dangerous place to spend your time.

One thing that is for sure is that with the exception of ‘Kids Day’ a NFL stadium is NOT a place for children. Not that it is a dangerous place and your children will get kidnapped and raped.  It is completely safe in that regard,  but if  you don’t want your children to hear rampant foul language, or see drunken fights with out of control fans, then you should re-evaluate the activities you plan for your family. Football is a game that involves people hitting the guy with the ball as violently as legally possible, so if you think that is a good example to set for a child,  then bad behavior by the general public should be no surprise.

I am not at all condoning the actions that happen at sporting events, I am merely aware of the reality that these things present. I honestly believe we could all coexist much better during these games, but the fact of the matter is we are all a bunch of drunk assholes. If everyone was just happy and getting along at football games I wouldn’t be writing this article.

Look when I go to a Bills game and i see someone in a jersey of the opposing team we are playing I instantly hate that person’s guts. I would love nothing more than to walk up to that person and just punch them in the face. How dare they show up in my town, and come to my game in that shit jersey?!  But the truth is that person is a fan just like you and me. That person is probably one of the nicest people you have ever met in your whole life, and now you want to punch him in the face because he’s wearing a patriots jersey?  What kind of person really wants to assault someone because of the clothes they are wearing?  That is just flat out stupid.

But that is what we are, stupid drunk fans who show no respect towards anyone. I think we can still get drunk and respect one another. I know we can, its just a matter of what you want to do as a person. Do you want to be that person that ruined someones good time?   Even though you don’t even know that person, you feel their night should be destroyed because they have a different favorite team?  Happiness comes from within, and if you are not happy it is most certainly indicated by your drunken obnoxious behavior. If you are drinking excessively at a football game, chances are you are negatively affecting somebody’s good time. That is not to say everyone that drinks is ruining the good times of those around them, but realistically that is whats actually happening.

I have

a dream, and that dream is that we can all get drunk together and have beautiful relationships while watching our favorite teams battle one another. I have a dream where we accept total strangers into our lives for the sole purpose of enjoying a football game. A dream where we high five our enemy and have a good time for once, instead of being a complete asshole and cursing out our stadium neighbor.

You ultimately make the decision to be a complete asshole at games, and nobody is really asking for you to do that. I personally enjoy the company of a drunk man, but that man has to have respect for himself and others. If you show no respect toward your fellow man then you should expect for us to consider you to be a terrible person. You could be the greatest person ever, but your actions while drunk really show your true self, and that is usually pretty ugly. So go ahead and have a couple drinks, but respect those around you, and try to make the experience better for you and the fans around you. Those opposing fans go back and tell people what pieces of shit they dealt with at the Bills game, and i do not want to be associated with your terrible behavior.