Fantasy Future: C.J. Spiller


You would be wise to pick up C.J. Spiller in your fantasy league early this year, because the person who takes him off the board is probably going to destroy you with him. If C.J. stays healthy I can see him being the best RB in the league this year, and looking at his numbers its hard to argue that possibility if he plays all season in a starting role.

If there is one thing you can look forward to this season in Buffalo it is that C.J. Spiller will continue zipping past defenders and strutting into the end zone.  He has been training to come into this season a bigger, stronger, and more explosive player, and as you can see in this video he is very serious about it. Spiller is expecting to have a more productive season this year, and you can expect him to continue his trend of being a better player every year.

C.J. Spiller will be an elite back in 2013

C.J. Spiller was the first running back selected in the 2010 draft. Even though the last thing we needed with our top 10 pick was another RB, he was just too good to pass up. He is a difference maker that just continues to get better, and he shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

Spiller started his career in the NFL slowly while playing in a limited role behind the great and elusive Fred Jackson, but the more he got the ball the more he proved he can be an elite back in the NFL. Now entering his 4th year  Spiller has finally earned the starting job in Buffalo after racking up 1703 yards from scrimmage on the 250 plays he touched the ball last season. That is 6.8 yards a play, and now he is surrounded by a much more talented receiving corps that should open up his game tremendously.

C.J. is the kind of player that defenses have to prepare for every week they play against him, and even after a great deal of preparation he is extremely difficult to contain. Every defense that plays Buffalo knows the number 28, and they know that if they make one wrong move he will off for 6. Now you never really know what is going to actually happen in an upcoming season, great players have bad years and good players have great years. If we could accurately predict who will do what, then fantasy football would be a little less infuriating for me to play.

After having said that, I see Spiller as a top 3 fantasy pick this year. If you think C.J. Spiller is going to slow down because there are fans that don’t believe this team will play well this season,  I think you are in for quite a surprise. Although with the new talent at receiver I can see spiller getting less passes or check downs from the quarterback this year, and that is going to hurt if you are in a PPR league. Considering that, I still see it as a no brainier to pick spiller as early as possible this year.

What do you think? Does C.J. have high value in your fantasy league this year?