What To Expect From Your 2013 Bills


May 14, 2013; Orchard Park, NY, USA; Buffalo Bills head coach Doug Marrone addresses his team before organized team activities at Bills Healthy Zone Fieldhouse. Mandatory Credit: Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

As we inch closer to training camp I wanted to take a look at what we should expect from this Bills team. Questions brought up from the new coaching staff to the biggest one in my eyes regarding the quarterback position will be focal points.

When the Bills brought in the new coaching staff I was both excited and also uneasy. I thought to myself did the Bills really go out and do an all-out search? Did they get the guy they wanted? After reading a lot into the process and comments from radio and TV I believe they did. Doug Marrone was named the new head coach and ever since I think his direction where he wants this team to go is an improvement. Now I know people will say he hasn’t done anything and any coach would say these things but I think Marrone’s different. The questions with this addition to the organization will be: can he adjust to the NFL pace/play of the game and be competitive? Did he bring in to many of his own guys from Syracuse and lastly can he get this young team all on the same page and play together? I know he will do a good job but it will come slow and we might be frustrated for a little while. One thing I did like that I’m sure he had a say in is that the Bills didn’t draft Ryan Nassib. I know he liked him and probably would have asked to take him later in the draft but I think realized it wasn’t a good idea to but all your eggs in one basket.

Digging alittle deeper into the quarterback position many people will sure be keeping an eye on this. Do they start with the 16th pick in this past draft EJ Manuel or do they go with the veteran Kevin Kolb? I’ve heard arguments from both sides and I as of right now am undecided. I think if I knew how the defense would be it could help but we’ll have to wait for that. I think if I had to pick right now Kolb would be my guy to start so Manuel could see the game first hand and prepare to become this franchises future starter for years to come. The only thing I think will hurt Manuel would be throwing him in right away and he doesn’t do well. That would have to mess with his confidence and could cause more problems.

So looking forward I think the Bills could surprise some people this year but also could just flop. The youth on this team could show itself but I don’t think it will if these guys just play the system. On both sides of the ball I think the coordinators are pretty good and with the more time they spend with these guys it will only get better. Predictions on both sides of the spectrum are as follows: 4 wins? But also could see 10 wins. Call me crazy but if it happens (10 wins of course) let me tell you I told you so.

What do you think?