Bills Tickets: 2013’s Most and Least Expensive Home Games


The Buffalo Bills were expected to take a big step in 2012 with an improved defense, but instead dealt with injuries and an inconsistent offense. Another so-so season without a playoff appearance lead to the demise of head coach Chan Gailey and quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, and transitioned the Bills into a new era.

Now rookie head coach Doug Marrone is crafting his vision of what the Bills should be, and he could start with his own hand-picked passer in raw rookie E.J. Manuel as soon as 2013. That, or he could go the safer route with veteran signal caller Kevin Kolb, and try to save some face with a few more wins.

Either way, Buffalo is more likely than not looking at another season on the outside looking in at the playoffs. While that may be the case again in 2013, TiqIQ still sees some excellent value in some of Buffalo’s home games this year. Let’s take a full dive into some of the Buffalo Bills tickets, their top priced home contests, as well as some of their bargain buys:

Top 3 Most Expensive Home Games

  • (9/8) vs. New England Patriots | Avg: $179 | Get-in: $67

The Bills open up the season at home against Tom Terrific and the Patriots, and Buffalo fans don’t need much more reason to shuffle out to the stadium. This is a growing rivalry and has been much more heated lately. Even if the Bills can’t squeak it out, it will be worth the price of admission, and is only $34 more than the average home game.

  • (9/29) vs. Baltimore Ravens | Avg: $171 | Get-in: $40 

The defending champions are always a good draw, which will be good for ticket sales, as well as letting Buffalo know how they measure up early in September. It’s not a likely win for the Bills, but it’s an excellent test at the very least against the tough Baltimore Ravens.

  • (11/17) vs. New York Jets | Avg: $145 | Get-in: $32

Certainly not to be left out is the bitter rivalry with the Jets. While the heated showdown will be worth the price on it’s own, it also is a matchup that gives Buffalo a chance at a victory. The Jets still bring a tough defense to the table for the most part, but New York’s offense could make this one laughable.

Top 3 Home Game Value Buys

  • (11/3) vs. Kansas City Chiefs | Avg: $128 | Get-in: $23

The Chiefs coming to town would have been a bore fest a year ago, but in 2013 it could actually make for a solid game with Andy Reid at the controls. While the competition level should be better, this is still an excellent value buy, as it’s a matchup that lies in Buffalo’s favor.

  • (12/22) vs. Miami Dolphins | Avg: $133 | Get-in: $25 

A bitter division rivalry on the cheap at home? Bills fans will take that any week of the year. Ryan Tannehill, Lamar Miller, Mike Wallace and the Dolphins could bring an exciting offensive display to town, while this is a heated matchup Buffalo will want to win.

  • (10/13) vs. Cincinnati Bengals | Avg: $133 | Get-in: $25

This is a fairly surprising cheap home game, as the Bengals boast a superstar wide receiver in A.J. Green and are actually fresh off of two straight playoff appearances. The only reason this contest isn’t more expensive is because the Bills and Bengals don’t have a heated history. This could actually be a slugfest and provide fans with excellent value with the price $12 below the home average.