Exciting Time Too Be A Bills Fan


Sep 23, 2012; Cleveland, OH, USA; Buffalo Bills fans celebrate during the fourth quarter at Cleveland Browns Stadium. Buffalo defeats the Cleveland Browns 24-14. Mandatory Credit: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Let it be known that if you are a diehard Bills fan you are not the type to leave and come back whenever things are going good. We stand behind our team through good times and bad. Although we have been through a lot of bad times lately times are definitely changing. This offseason has so far been one that fans will look back at and say I’m glad the Bills finally started to realize changes were needed.

There are a numbers of changes and positives but I will start with the new lease agreement. Many were wondering when a new agreement would come and last December the Buffalo Bills, Erie County, and New York State came to that agreement. The agreement ended up being a 10 year lease and a 130 million dollar package for renovating Ralph Wilson Stadium. The money breakdown as is follows: the Bills will pay $35 million, NYS $54 million and Erie County will cover $ 41 million over the life of the agreement. I believe this was vital for the club in Buffalo and also fixing up the Ralph.

The next change this organization made was within its coaching staff. After last season Chan Gailey was given his walking papers and the new search was on for a head coach. After multiple interviews and reports on different candidates the Bills decided to go with former Syracuse Orangeman coach Doug Marrone. Marrone did a pretty good job with the Orange and the Bills thought he could bring his message and mindset to this organization. This won’t be his first time in the league as he coached with the Jets and the Saints but is the first time he will be a head coach. What I’m looking forward to seeing is his up tempo paced game and bringing something more to this offense that seemed to be stale in years passed. Also with the new defensive coordinator in place Mike Pettine I am pleased to see that new changes are starting to take shape. In the NFL changes need to take place instantly and not wait until the following week. Hopefully he can get this group working hard and causing problems for opposing offenses.

Lastly I think the Bills have been drafting pretty good over the last few years but finally have pin pointed in their eyes a franchise quarterback. In years past many wondered how come they never even tried to acquire one. EJ Manuel selected in the 1st round of this past draft showed to me that they were very high on him. Buddy Nix basically never taking a QB with the exception of one takes one in the first round. That tells me he was desperate or really thought he was their guy. For now looking at stats and what he can bring to the game I’ll say he will hopefully be their guy for years to come. Also let’s not forget about the defense. Players that were selected by Nix recently that will be starters and great contributors are: Stephon Gilmore, Marcell Dareus and Nigel Bradham.

I’m sure there are more positives that have and will happen but being a Bills fan sure has a different feeling going into this season. I can’t wait for the rest of the offseason to move along and eventually get us to week 1. Diehards, casuals and new Bills fans what do you think? I think the team will be exiting and one to definitely keep an eye on this season.