Will The Buffalo Region Ever Host A Super Bowl?


Feb 3, 2013; New Orleans, LA, USA; A general view of a goal line pylon with the Super Bowl XLVII logo at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

I wanted to take a break from free agency and the upcoming draft to write about a possibility that I have thought about for some time. What if the Buffalo region had a chance to hold a super bowl? Would you like the idea? Be against? Where would it happen?

We have all heard of the news that the Bills will be getting some renovations to the Ralph and also the lease news has the Bills to stay here for years to come but what about a new stadium? Now there are pros and cons to everything and this is no different.

Some pros I can think of are: a brand new facility for the organization, a possible relocation of the stadium could produce new income to a different part of the region, a bigger and better fan base and also the potential for bigger things for this organization to attract, a Super Bowl. Also something to think about is would they draft differently?

There are also some cons I can think of that would have fans in an uproar. This has been a cold weather team and in winter has proven to produce crazy conditions for some games and that would be lost. Another would be those living around the current stadium and not being around the atmosphere anymore. Lastly and this may or may not be true but people may not continue to follow this team if they moved the location of the stadium.

Some reports have come out over the past few weeks stating of possible locations for a stadium. They include the same location, the Buffalo waterfront, the old Bethlehem Steel site and also in Niagara Falls. All places have an argument to be the place but I would like to see relocation in Niagara Falls. I think with the great hotels and casinos on both sides of the border it would draw in more people and ultimately would have the best chance to host a super bowl. Also let’s not forget the falls themselves. The park is a great place to go and also view points of the falls on both sides of the border are great. These kinds of attractions on top of a new dome stadium, I believe would be key to ever have a chance to host.

With that being said I’m not even sure if the whole super bowl idea has ever crossed anyone’s mind within the organization but it’s something that I think would be great for this region. First and foremost I want this team to succeed and get back its winning ways but this idea is just something to kick around. Anyone like this idea? Don’t like? Have a different place they would like to see a new stadium?