Where It All Went Wrong This Season


Nov 11, 2012; Foxborough, MA, USA; Buffalo Bills head coach Chan Gailey talks with quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick (14) as they take on the New England Patriots during the fourth quarter at Gillette Stadium. The Patriots defeated the Bills 37-31. Mandatory Credit: David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Looking back at this season there are things done by the organization that will have people wondering how they have jobs. For me there’s a problem that I couldn’t look past and questioned it for most of the season.
For the last 3 + seasons everyone following the Bills has had to watch the terrible play of Ryan Fitzpatrick. You may think by looking at his stats with the Bills he might be ok but it’s not even close. Some of his decisions on the field in my eyes may not even happen in a high school game. He tends to try and fit balls in areas were the elite quarterbacks may not even be able to. He always tends to throw an interception at the worst time and this season has good proof of that. He does have a good number of touchdown passes but I would bet 50-60% of these are when this team is already down 10 + points. With all that said he is playing and has been appointed by his coaches to do so. Now back to my problem.
When the Bills entered training camp every fan pretty much knew Fitz was going to be the starter. Then things I thought could have been interesting when the Bills acquired Vince Young. It was the first time in a while that I thought a guy was brought in to compete for a job at the position. He has been a proven winner and had the experience. I’m not saying he was the answer but before anyone had any chance to even think he could play he was let go by the Bills. This in my eyes was a terrible decision by the coaching staff. It all but put Fitzpatrick on a pedestal and guaranteed he was the starter. When this happened I think it did something to Fitz knowing he wasn’t going to sit unless of an injury. I mean who else do we have left Tyler Thigpen? Brad Smith? come on. When anybody in any position football or not gets comfortable and knows they are safe it changes them I think. No pressure to perform at your best and also did I mention he has handed a new contract prior as well? I guess we can only hope things change and competition is back and the best guy will play. As a fan that’s all I can ask.

With one game left we’ll see what happens and then check out evaluations. My guess is pink slips are coming but the question is to whom?