Chan Gailey What happened?


Now I know I have talked recently about Chan and his coaching problems but if you watched the game on Sunday it brings it to a whole new level. His actions and mind set of late shows he cannot be a head coach anymore in this league.

The first thing that bothered me yesterday was the non-balance of the pass/run game. With nearly 60 total plays in the game only 20 were in the way of the run. It just blows my mind how this can happen. When you have a player like CJ Spiller and even Fred Jackson at times there shouldn’t be much doubt in your mind. Even though I don’t care much for Jackson he can contribute for this team but has to put an end to the fumbles. A question I would love to ask Fred is: If you are considered a leader in the locker and want the best for the team why aren’t you telling Gailey to play Spiller? I mean this guy can carry the load and has proved it. With Fred now out we will soon see what will happen next. Will it be Spiller or will Choice now to be the one to take away carries?

The next thing that caught my attention was the play that resulted in the Bills not attempting a 52 yard field goal. I mean does Chan feel Rian can’t make it? Is he always playing the field position no matter the score? I just want an answer that makes sense. The answer I heard today was that he didn’t know the field goal would have been a 52 yarder instead of a 50. Two yards make a big difference? Now I know people will say when he punted it there it pined the Rams deep in their own zone but I bet 90% of other coaches attempted that field goal without question.

The last issue I have is who knows the play book? Here is another game were TJ Graham was targeted late in the game and pick came from it. When the play was called who was right? Did Fitz throw the ball in the right spot or did TJ run the right route? I really didn’t hear much on that after the game but I would have to side with Fitz especially after what happened at the end of the Pats game. So if this is the case then were is Tarvaris Jackson? The whole reasoning behind him not playing or even being active is that he couldn’t pick up the play book. I think TJ needs the same treatment. He has done absolutely nothing for this team.

In closing I think if we were in a different city this coaching staff would have had some serious changes already. In Buffalo for some reason we think its right to hire no names and hope they turn into a top tier coach. It’s the organizations call on these decisions and of course us the fans are along for the ride. The question I have is when will it stop?