Looking Ahead: Bills Fantasy Outlook


Mandatory Credit: Kevin Hoffman-US PRESSWIRE

If you were lucky enough to get one of the point go getters in your fantasy draft, and have somehow managed to maintain them with all the trade proposals that you have gotten because they are playing so well; Here is your fantasy outlook for these players; Fitzpatrick, Jackson, Spiller, Chandler, Johnson, Lindell, and the Defense.

Starting with Fitzpatrick, for weeks 1-4 Fitzpatrick was a viable option at QB in Fantasy leagues.  Last week’s minimal output created questions about how well he will perform this week.  Fitz was the leading in TD passes going into last week’s game, so the possibilities are still there.  I think you’re looking at about 15 points for him and is a good play if your other QB is on a bye.  Jackson and Spiller are going to be a two tandem combo for probably the rest of the year as long as they both stay healthy.  Spiller leads the team with 365 yds on the ground, but he has seen a workload decrease with the return of Fred Jackson.  The workload will still be split but this hurts Spiller.  The offense needs to into a rhythm for either of them to start it up.  I think they are both viable options and you should thik about starting them.  I would guess at Spiller getting about 7.5 to 9.0 points this week and Jackson picking up about 10.  Keep in mind as well that Jackson feels 100% but is still being required to wear his knee brace.  Johnson has had two tough games in a row and needs to start his engines.  He is not on pace to reach number from his past two years.  Simple for him he needs to catch the ball.  He has been targeted 20 times in the last two games so that is not the issue at this point.  I placing a safe guess in the range of 8 points and he is a good WR3 start if your league carries 3 WRs.  Chandler has been one of Fitz’s favorite targets to get the offense moving.  He is also a main target in the Red-zone.  Look for about 6-8 points from Chandler this game.  Good option if your other TE is on a bye.  Lindell is only as good as the offense and if they stall then so does he.  Look for a couple of extra points this week.  Lindell has only two field goal attempts this year and ranks 3oth in Fantasy points for kickers with 22.  My suggestion is loyalty is great but there are much better options out there.  Finally the Bills defense.  The defense needs to come out and prove something to themselves as well as the rest of the league.  Look for a explosive start and if they can keep it up I expect good things from them.  If this is the case look for the Def to bring in about 10+ points.  They are a decent option if your other D is on the bye.