Behind Enemy Lines: 49ers vs. Bills Preview With NinerNoise

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How much will last week’s collapse against the Patriots affect the Bills in week five against the 49ers? What was the number one reason the Bills lost the game and gave up 45 points in the second-half?  

The collapse against New England could very likely take a toll on the team emotionally, but the Bills are a team that has a lot of big losses and a few big victories. At this point you’ve almost come to expect a blowout one side or the other. The Bills main issue in the second half was their run defense, as they made Bolden and Ridley look like All-Pro backs. The defensive line was getting pushed around as the entire defense seemed to fall apart.

Mario Williams has been dealing with a wrist injury since the final exhibition game for the Bills.  How has the injury affected Williams and the defense? 

Mario Williams has disappointed so far in Buffalo and is starting to get on some fans bad side. There are many games where he seems invisible, you almost forget that he’s on the team. He is not getting double teamed at all, which makes it harder on the other defensive linemen. Pass rush has been much less effective, allowing quarterbacks much more time to take advantage of a young secondary.

Despite injuries the Bills have solid depth at running back with Fred Jackson, C.J. Spiller and Tashard Choice.  With starting offensive lineman Cordy Glenn and Kraig Urbik ruled out for Sunday’s game, will the Bills rushing attack be effective at all against the 49ers tough run defense?

Injuries have showed that the Bills successful rushing attack this season has befitted from great play by the offensive line. Each player has had success, which is quite surprising really. The losses of Glenn and Urbik should hurt the ability to rush. Spiller and Jackson both don’t appear to be 100% so that could be an issue for the team as well. The team had trouble rushing on New England. San Francisco should be an even bigger challenge.

Which player on offense and defense will need to step for the Bills in order for them to pull off an upset over the 49ers?

On offense, Ryan Fitzpatrick has to step up to the plate. He does have 12 touchdowns so far, which is very good for him. However he’s missed on many opportunities that could have put the Bills ahead when they were up on the Patriots last week. On the defense the pass rush needs to be more effective. It starts with Kyle Williams, who has had a very good season besides last week.

What is your predication for the game? 

The Bills aren’t able to stop Frank Gore and the 49ers offense and fall by a 28-10 score.