Buffalo Bills: Searching for the Team’s NASCAR Unit as OTAs Begin


The Buffalo Bills finally  started OTAs on Tuesday, and while I haven’t been bashful in my stance that they’re ultimately meaningless and not newsworthy, I couldn’t help but feel a ripple of excitement when I saw  tweets from reporters in attendance at the practice.

A full Bills team hasn’t been on any field together since January 1, so I was bound to get a bit of exhilaration from the fact that I knew they were actually playing football again.

When speculation dies every year, it’s a good thing. Yes, I do a lot of speculating myself, but writing based on current, observable facts and the game of football itself is much more appealing.

Now, when these tweets were rolling in, one thought instantly popped into my cranium.

Who’s going to be on the Bills “NASCAR” unit in 2012?

A novel question, and one worth posing.

Remember how amazing the New York Giants defensive line was last postseason and how integral they were to the team’s Super Bowl title? Nearly as dominant as they were when they upended the previously unbeaten New England Patriots in February of 2008.

Last year, Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell incorporated a “NASCAR” unit to his defense, a four-man group of hellacious defensive ends who were placed on the field at the same time as the club’s best pass-rushers to get after opposing signal-callers and wreak absolute havoc in opposing backfields.

The G-Men’s quartet—Osi Umenyiora, Justin Tuck, Mathias Kiwanuka and Jason Pierre-Paul.


So Bills fans, I must ask, who does Dave Wannstedt send out there on third-down when Buffalo needs to get to Tom Brady?

I asked this question to respected Bills blogger and one of my favorite writers on the web Brian Galliford of BuffaloRumblings.com, and he answered with this:

“Full health assumed, Anderson/Merriman at DE, Dareus/Mario at DT.”

Hmmm. Interesting.

That’s what I assume as well, but something tells me Wannstedt will be more apt to get Mario on the edge whenever he can.

Yes, Williams is big enough at 6’6” and 300 pounds, but he’s too lightning quick off the ball to play on the inside.

Another possible configuration is Merriman at LDE, K. Williams at DT, M. Dareus at DT and M. Williams at RDE.

Is this a great problem to have, or what?

Who’s on your “NASCAR” unit?

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