Buffalo Bills Fan Guide To Survive From Now Until Training Camp Begins


We have just entered the worst time to be NFL fans.

Sure, they say the NFL season never really ends, but we’ve just started the two month lull before training camp kicks off in July.

For Bills fans, it’s especially worse, because although the team’s getting more publicity than ever before, the majority of the network television shows and prominent sports websites are talking about the NFC East, the Patriots and the Jets.


John Clayton’s a little scary to look at, and Merril Hoge’s ties are ridiculous, anyway.

Although I love, and you probably love scouring the web every morning for the latest Bills news, there’s only so much guys like me can write about at this juncture.

The draft picks will sign in the coming weeks, but with the new CBA in place, there’s really no intrigue or worry surrounding potential holdouts. Rookie minicamps—no offense to those that get a kick out of them—are essentially meaningless and are far from legitimately newsworthy.

Everyone “looks good” and all 32 coaches are “impressed” with their draft class.


So, I’ve crafted a fun and hopefully valuable guide that help you stay sane during this absolutely agonizing stretch.

Make some tweaks to your tailgating rituals 

Get some friends together and really break down what you do each week at your tailgate.

Find out what food everyone especially enjoys and what hasn’t gone over well in the past.

No hard feelings. Honesty is crucial here.

Maybe your crew would like to step it up a notch and start bringing two grills. French fries and onion rings. Some buffalo sauce poured onto the fries. (Wholeheartedly recommend that) A different beer choice?  Maybe a small generator and TV to watch pre-game shows?

Just throwing some thoughts out there.

We are known as the best tailgaters in the NFL—we’ve got to do what it takes to live up to the billing.

Kick some ideas around and don’t be bashful with your sentiments. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with new tweaks that’ll add more flair to your tailgate to make your Sunday mornings on Bills’ game days that much better.

Not a tailgater? Like to watch from home? There’s always some a few people you could consider inviting over (or un-inviting) and some new home recipes you can try out.

Variety is the spice of life, right?

Guess Mario Williams’ number 

Even the official Bills site is keeping it a secret. They unveiled all the rookie’s numbers last week, and gave us nothing on Super Mario.

What’s up with that?

I say he takes 94, or 98 if Dwan Edwards is cut.

Total guess.

Get your individual game tickets 

I know, I know, you’re a proud season-ticket holder. Actually, some of you might not be. Now’s the ideal time to check the Bills website, NFL ticket exchange and sites like Stub Hub to get individual gamers.

If Buffalo starts off hot, you know those prices will skyrocket.

Maybe an obvious point, but felt like it needed to be mentioned.

Buy a new jersey

I’m no Nike advertiser, and I’d definitely never advocate paying $100 dollars for even the freshest of Bills uniforms. There are a ton of sites out there that offer quality but cheap jerseys. (stitched is best) Heck, let’s use the comments section or Twitter to share the best sites with our Bills comrades.

Re-watch the Week 3 win over the Patriots

Do I really need to explain why?

It was the best (and hottest) Bills game in which I’ve ever attended. Some of you a bit older than me experienced more memorable games from the early 1990s, but after the utterly humiliating losing streak to the evil empire that is the Patriots, winning in that fashion on a glorious Buffalo afternoon was simply nirvana.

Hopefully you’ve still got it on DVR. Sadly, I’m not a DVR expert, but I don’t think it erases saved “shows” if they’re stored for an extended period of time.

If you still have it, watch it.

Follow BuffaLowDown and Yours Truly on Twitter 

Obviously, I had to end with shameless self promotion. You know the handles – @BuffaLowDown and @ChrisTrapasso. We’re down to talk Bills ANYTIME.

All that, my friend, should get you to training camp.

See you there.