2012 NFL Mock Draft 3.0: Buffalo Bills take Stephen Gilmore

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Nov 5, 2011; Fayetteville, AR, USA; South Carolina Gamecocks cornerback Stephen Gilmore (5) is blocked by Arkansas Razorbacks defensive end Jake Bequette (91) during the first half at Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Nelson Chenault-US PRESSWIRE

Well the time has come for the final Mock of the year.  in 48 hrs, one of the gentlemen listed here will be setting up his occupational residence in Orchard Park, and if I hit more than 5 or 6 of these picks, I’ll be thrilled.  Enjoy!  See you tomorrow with more updates.

Indianapolis Colts– Andrew Luck QB, Stanford.  Not wasting time on explaining this pick, Jim Irsay has now publicly admitted as much.

Washington Redskins– Robert Griffin QB, Baylor.  Still asleep? Don’t worry, you’ll wake up in a minute…

Minnesota Vikings– Matt Kalil LT, USC.  So far this looks like every single mock ever made, but this is such a no-brainer it’s not even close.  I like Christian Ponder a lot, he looks like Minnesota has a promising young prospect and Kalil will start protecting the blindside from day one.  Minnesota wants to trade this pick, but I don’t see them getting the king’s ransom that St Louis did.

Cleveland Browns– Trent Richardson RB,Alabama.  I really want to say that Colt McCoy is not as bad as everyone accuses him of being.  He has absolutely no help. Richardson will take some pressure off of him and Cleveland will look at receiver help down the line.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers– Morris Claiborne CB, LSU.  I love me some Morris Claiborne, and I was hoping to find some way he falls to the Bills, but I do not see it.  He is just too good, and shutdown cover corners go very early. TampaBay will think long and hard about Trent Richardson, but he’s off the board.  If he’s available, he could be the pick.

St Louis Rams– Justin Blackmon WR, OSU.  I also love me some Justin Blackmon.  He is a potential number one receiver in the future, and reminds me a lot of Larry Fitzgerald, similar build, though not quite as fast.  He’s a tremendously hard working athlete and high character individual.  What’s not to like?

Jacksonville Jaguars– Riley Reiff OT, Iowa.  Keeping Jeremy Mincey was a very strong under the radar move by the NFL’s least interesting team.  I really wanted Buffalo to get him rather than Mark Anderson, but Jacksonville wisely held on to him.  They will now do their best to keep their “franchise” quarterback, the craven Blaine Gabbert upright.

Miami Dolphins– Melvin Ingram DE, S Carolina.  I do not think the Phins will grab Tannehill after all.  Ingram is a better prospect and I think this is the year Miami bottoms out and sets its sights on a top 5 pick next year and grabs a real QB prospect.

Carolina Panthers– Luke Keuchly LB, Boston College.  I wanted to put someone like Dontari Poe here, but Carolina is talking with Keuchly a LOT, and I have to think that they are smitten with the idea of having that tackle machine quarterbacking their defense for the next decade.  Keuchly is a solid addition to any linebacker unit, so it’s not exactly a reach on Carolina’s part.

Buffalo Bills– Stephen Gilmore CB, S Carolina.  This is the pick that is starting to make waves around the internet.  Chan Gailey and Buddy Nix just gush over him, and they had him in for a visit, something that neither Riley Reiff nor Michael Floyd did.  Why not a Left Tackle?  Chan Gailey said he wants a LT with reach, so it won’t be the small armed Riley Reiff.  Luke Keuchly might be the pick, and he DID come in for a predraft visit, but Gailey likes players who are from the SEC and Gilmore has had a Von Miller-esque rise up the draft boards.  Extremely fast, perfect size with excellent cover skills; you need this guy when facing other team’s number one receivers.  He certainly has a ceiling of a number one shutdown corner.

The problem may lie with the fact that he is getting too much steam and might not be available.  NFL Network analyst Mike Lombardi mentioned that Jacksonville is infatuated with Gilmore, and more and more teams are starting to move him above Claiborne.  If Buffalo can get him here, it may just be a steal.  It may come down to Gilmore or Luke Keuchly, I’d be surprised if Buffalo selects anyone else.  The only thing I can think of is Matt Kalil taking a very odd slide down draft boards to Buffalo.  Don’t bet on that one.

Kansas City Chiefs– Ryan Tannehill QB,Texas A&M.  Tannehill would be served well if he could sit for a year, and the Chiefs have an excellent roster as it is, so this makes perfect sense as KC sets themselves up nicely for the future.

Seattle Seahawks– Michael Floyd WR, Notre Dame.  With Matt Flynn now the team’s QB, Seattle needs to find him some help.  If this is how the draft plays out, seeing Gilmore v Floyd in Toronto (ugh…) should be a fun matchup when the ‘Hawks play Buffalo.

Arizona Cardinals– David DeCastro G, Stanford.  Arizona has a good running game, and hopefully a franchise QB in Kevin Kolb.  I think they really want Floyd, and if he’s available he will be the pick.  But DeCastro is by far the best Guard in the draft, and will be a mainstay for years to come.  Many experts think he’s already one of the best Guards in the NFL, and might be the surest player in the whole draft.  An excellent blocker as well as pass protector, he is a multiple Pro Bowl selection in future.

 Dallas Cowboys- Mark Barron S, Alabama.  Barron is by far the best safety prospect in this draft, no one else is even close. Dallas invested in their secondary this offseason, but the hard hitting Barron is a future star.

 Philadelphia Eagles- Michael Brockers DT, LSU. Philadelphia should look to establishing the trenches, and Brockers is the top candidate for it.  Strong, quick and an excellent penetrator, he will anchor the Dream Team’s DL.