My top 10 mock draft

Apr 28, 2011; New York, NY, USA; NFL commissioner Roger Goodell introduces defensive tackle Marcell Dareus (Alabama) as the third overall pick to the Buffalo Bills during the 2011 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-US PRESSWIRE

Well folks I know i have made it know to you all that I feel Michael Floyd will be the pick at 10. Now I can show you my opinion of how the cards fall to get him there and the spots he may go before our pick. NFL fans… The Indianapolis Colts are on the clock!

1) Indianapolis Colts – Andrew Luck, Stanford – This is the easiest pick in the world. Seriously, who else could represent the horseshoe other than Luck?

2) Washington Redskins – RG3, Baylor – The Redskins gave up the farm for their prize. Is he worth the haul they gave up? Time will tell but at least they have a plan now instead of another thrilling Sexy Rexy vs the Stormin Mormon John Beck camp battle.

3) Minnesota Vikings – Morris Claiborne, LSUSure they could go tackle here but they choose to fill another glaring need. Claiborne is in that best athlete in the draft category and honestly if the Rams would not have signed Finnegan this off season and kept the second pick you would probably see his name called at 2.

4) Cleveland Browns – Trent Richardson, Alabama – Roll Tide! Lets be honest here folks, Tannehill is not worthy of the 4th overall pick in this draft. You can make all the arguments you would like for the sake of pre-draft chatter but at the end of the day even all the talent evaluators know this guys is not a top 5 pick. Blackmon would be a nice pick here but frankly there is no one to throw the ball to him.

5) Tampa Bay Buc’s – Alex Barron, Alabama – The Tide keeps rolling! Alot of you out there may not know a ton about this freak of nature but he is a BEAST! I don’t know if anyone noticed the other day but Tashard Jackson was released… hhhmmm?? does that mean anything? (gotta love the build up to the draft!)

LET’S GET FIRED UP! We are half way to 10 and wait a second! Khalil is still on the board? How can this be? Read on my friends!

6) St. Louis Rams – Justin Blackmon, Oklahoma St. – I truly believe that this is not a easy selection for them. I get the sense that Floyd is a big possibility here as well as Luke Kuechly who could step in next to Laurinaitis right away and start. As you are probably noticing by now from choice 5 on is where things get tricky!

7) Dallas Cowboys (Via trade with Jax Jags) – Stephon Gilmore, South Carolina – Did you really think the Cowboys would release Newman and just sign Carr? This is Jerry Jones we are talking about and between Griffin, the other Manning, and Vick that the Cowboys see twice a year each they have to have WILLING tacklers at the QB position. Sure the gave Brandon Carr 50 million. Yeah, Mike Jenkins is on the roster but in this division you have 3 quarterbacks that will smoke you in 3 and 4 wide receiver sets as well as 2 QB’s that are up there with the fastest players in the league and you can’t afford missed tackles with Vick and Griffin because you will not catch them at the second level of defense if they get away.

8) Miami Dolphins – Ryan Tannehill, Texas A&M – Let me make this clear, I do not believe in any other draft that Tannehill is a first round pick. All it takes is need and one team to like you though. Ole head coach Mike Sherman gets his WR i mean QB back with him to lead the dolphins.

The Bills are salivating right now! a franchise left tackle is going to fall to them! All the years of just missing out and finally they are going to be the recipients of yet another surprisingly good player coming there way! well, it will be a good player coming there way but not a tackle.

9) Arizona Cardinals – Matt Khalil, USC – It was too good to be true people! After courting Demetrius Bell the Cardinals waited till the draft to get there blind side protector and can finally put Levi Brown where he belongs which is on the right side. Kevin Kolb is not the greatest QB but he can’t have a chance to be even good if he is not protected. This trade makes total and complete sense. the Panthers want to trade back but not too far and the Cardinals get the best tackle the draft has to offer at one of their biggest positions of need.

10) Buffalo Bills – Michael Floyd, Notre Dame – The guy was born and raised in Minnesota playing in the hail, wind, and snow. He is a beast of a man on the outside and is alot closer to Blackmon than most think in skill. He gives their 2 biggest offensive investments in franchise history help as well and remember folks you can spend a million bucks on a house but if you don’t take care of it then it looses value. You can have a good quarterback and a good receiver but if you do not give them help then they never get to be great. If by chance one of the two top receivers are not here I believe the Bills will take Boston College linebacker prospect Luke Luechly as he fits a need and would be a great addition to an already up and coming defense.

I hope you all enjoyed this as I did doing it! Excitement is building and we are getting closer and closer to another NFL draft. We will soon have our answers!

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