Where Will Tim Tebow Land? (UPDATED to include the Jets)


(EDITOR’S NOTE: I’ve updated this story to include the Jets.)

So in the aftermath of yesterday’s big Peyton Manning news – that he’s going to be a Denver Bronco – there’s another piece of big news to come. Where will current Broncos QB Tim Tebow end up? There’s no player in the NFL that quite stirs up the emotions like Tebow, and it’s going to be a huge story wherever he goes.

But who is actually going to pull the trigger on him? Let’s take a look at the possibilities, starting with the contenders and then throwing in a few dark horses:


Jacksonville – If there’s one that team that SHOULD pull the trigger on Tebow, it’s the freaking Jaguars. Let’s see: your team sucks, you have a terrible QB situation (Blaine Gabbert was awful last year and looks like a total bust), and your stadium is typically half-empty. But now a local hero could be dropped right into your lap. You could build a running-based offense with Tebow and Maurice Jones-Drew. Fans would be excited. It’d work perfectly. I have no idea why they wouldn’t do this, but it appears GM Gene Smith might be too stupid to admit the team made a mistake with Gabbert. New owner Shad Khan should overrule him here.

NY Jets – Apparently the Jets are now interested. Because apparently Mark Sanchez needs another distraction around him. But you know what? I think Tebow would work for the Jets. We all Rex Ryan loves his “smash-mouth” football, and a Tebow-led offense is certainly that. I kind of hope he ends up as a Jet because 1) I wouldn’t mind the Bills playing him twice a year and 2) a guy like Tebow in THAT toxic locker room and facing the New York media?? That’s entertainment right there.

New England – They don’t need him, but it’s the Patriots. Who knows? Plus new offense coordinator Josh McDaniels was the guy who drafted Tebow in the first place.

Philadelphia – Call me crazy, but I think Tebow makes sense for the Eagles. Michael Vick takes such a beating…why not have Tebow run a few special packages a few times a game? The problem is that Philly already has Vince Young, but it’s not like Young looked great last season when he played.

Miami – Another place Tebow would have a built-in fan base (although not as rabid as in Jacksonville). Plus it’s not like he’s that much of a step down from David Garrard, who the Dolphins just signed.

San Francisco – After their botched attempt to get Peyton Manning (which no doubt irritated Alex Smith, who is a free agent himself), the 49ers may need another QB soon.

Cleveland – Why the heck not? Otherwise you’re going to camp with a QB competition of Colt McCoy, Seneca Wallace, and some rookie not named Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III. At the very, very least Tebow is an upgrade over Wallace.

Dark Horses:/Long Shots:

St. Louis – Definitely a long-shot, but with Sam Bradford constantly being injured it might not hurt to look into Tebow.

Houston – They let Matt Leinart go, but they still have Matt Schaub and T.J. Yates. He could be an interesting fit with their strong run game though.

 Green Bay – Backup Matt Flynn is now a Seahawk, so the Pack needs a backup. But Tebow’s just such a different kind of player than Aaron Rodgers. Not sure how he’d fit the system.

And that’s about it. Yep, don’t see any other teams that might be interested. None at all.

No…don’t even think about it.

No! It’s not happening! Don’t even consider it!

No! No!


Buffalo – It’s the longest of long shots, but here you go. I’d think it was more of a possibility if the Bills didn’t already have an expensive gadget pseudo-QB in Brad Smith. Just don’t see it happening.

But I also thought Mario Williams would never sign…so who knows?