Super Bowl XLVI Picks


With Super Bowl XLVI on tap for today, here’s our picks for the winner:

Andrew, Staff Writer:

Tomorrow night I, like so many of you will be settling down to overindulge on pizza wings, and commercials that have quietly become an overrated part of Sunday’s Super Bowl ceremony.  I will proudly be wearing my Jim Kelly jersey, praying no one spills on me.  All week long at my day job, customers have asked me who I like on Sunday.  I look at them and mention that my heart is with the Giants, but my money is on the Patriots.

Tom Brady has not won a Super Bowl since he switched from Bridget to Gisel, and the football gods have not yet seen fit to reward Bill Belichick for Spygate, but there is simply too much momentum for the Giants at this time.  They are talking too much and getting too much press coverage.  Did we ever think that the Brady led Patriots would ever be underdogs?  (Yes, they are currently favored by 2.5 points, but far too many people have their Eli-Manning-two-rings story chambered and ready for Monday morning for the Giants to really be dogs.)  With all the stories and momentum favoring the Giants, I have to believe it’s gone too far, and fate will carry New England to the podium.

It falls to us Bills fans to carry the torch of our New York brethren into Indianapolis this weekend.  I find the Giants to be a generally likeable team, and it fits with my “Don’t root for a New England based team under ANY circumstance” personal bent.  But we’re talking about Brady, football’s version of Michael Jordan, and the beast is starved for success.  Something tells me it’s about to feel even colder come Monday morning here in Bills Country.

Pick: Patriots 24, Giants 13

James Lowe, Staff Writer:

Based on the pass rush of the GMen and their ability to get to any QB they face and they’re improved LB play that they will defensively hold NE for most of the game. I feel like NE is just not capable of hold NYG’s big 3 receivers for 60 minutes. Here is my bold prediction, Hakeem Nicks wins the MVP award.

Pick: Giants 24, Patriots 21

Brad Andrews, Editor 

Re-hashing my points from yesterday’s gambling column:

I think New England will win.

The reasons:

1) Did we forget Tom Brady is Tom Freaking Brady? Somehow a popular opinion has developed over the past few weeks that Eli Manning is better than Brady. He’s not. Tom Brady is probably the best quarterback to ever play the game. And it tears me up inside.

2) The Pats will be better prepared for the Giant pass rush than in the last Super Bowl. Things won’t be easy for Brady, but he’ll get enough time to throw enough of the time (if that makes sense).

3) The New England defense isn’t as bad as you think. The pass defense isn’t great, but the New England run defense is quite good now that they’re healthier. There’s a real chance the Giants won’t be able to run the ball at all.

4) EVERYONE is picking the Giants. So much so that Vegas might drop the line again before the game. Whenever there’s this much public sentiment on one side, going the other way isn’t a bad idea.

Pick: Patriots 31, Giants 20

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