2012 NFL Mock Draft: Bills Select Offensive Tackle

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17. Cincinnati Bengals (from Oakland)
Mark Barron – S, Alabama
The Bengals flip part of Carson Palmer’s corpse for an excellent young safety. Good going, Raiders.

18. San Diego Chargers
Nick Perry – DE/OLB, USC
The Chargers desperately need a pass rusher, and Perry is certainly that.

19. Chicago Bears
Michael Floyd – WR, Notre Dame 
WR is a big weakness for Chicago, and they should have their pick of talented guys here.

20. Tennessee Titans
Michael Brockers – DT, LSU
The Titans have a big need at DT, and in this scenario a very talented one in Brockers falls into their lap.

21. Cincinnati Bengals
Alshon Jeffery – WR, South Carolina
Cincy could also go running back here, but I’ll say they grab Jeffery to team with A.J. Green.

22. Cleveland Browns (from Atlanta)
Kendall Wright – WR, Baylor
If the Browns end up with RG3, this makes even more sense.

23. Detroit Lions
Alfonzo Dennard – CB, Nebraska
A real position of need for the Lions. Janoris Jenkins from North Alabama also could fit here.

24. Pittsburgh Steelers
Cordy Glenn – OT/G, Georgia
The Steelers need to invest in some protection for Big Ben.

25. Denver Broncos
Fletcher Cox – DT, Mississippi State
The Broncos are not good up front on defense. I’d be pretty surprised if D-Line wasn’t the pick.

26. Houston Texans
Mohamed Sanu – WR, Rutgers
I don’t envy defenses trying to stop the Texans if Houston gets Sanu to pair with Andre Johnson. Sanu can really stretch the field.

27. New England Patriots (from New Orleans)
Andre Branch – DE/LB, Clemson
The Pats will likely trade down, because they’re the Pats. But if they stick around Branch would be a nice boost to their anemic pass rush.

28. Green Bay Packers
Janoris Jenkins – CB, North Alabama
The Packers should just spend their whole draft on defense. They need help everywhere. This pick will just be the highest defensive player left on their board.

29. Baltimore Ravens
Dont’a Hightower – ILB, Alabama
Ray Lewis will retire at some point, right?

30. San Francisco 49ers
Stephon Gilmore – CB, South Carolina
The 49ers would love a WR, but this draft has really taken the most talented guys out already. Gimore’s not a bad consolation prize, though.

31. New York Giants
Zebrie Sanders – OT, Florida State
This line could use a talent upgrade, and Sanders has plenty of value late in the first round.

32. New England Patriots 

Whitney Mercilus –  DE/OLB, Illinois
Look for the Pats to stock up on passs rushers in this draft to combat the team’s only real weakness.