BLD Picks NFL Playoff Games Against the Spread: Divisional Round! (4-0 in Wild Card Round)


Let’s be real: a lot of people love football because it’s the easiest and funnest sport to gamble on. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Personally, I’m too broke to gamble much, but I sure do watch a lot of football. I figure I should help* my loyal readers out with some gambling advice. 

*Help not guaranteed to be actually helpful.

Hey, guess who went 4-0 last week?

That’s right. This guy. If you rode the Brad train for the Wild Card round you earned yourself some money. And I’m feeling greedy and ready to earn some more cash.

Let’s get straight to it.

Texans (+7.5) over RAVENS

I was ready for the last two weeks to pick the Ravens big in this game…and here I’ve talked myself out of it. I think the Texans are an underrated bunch, and I was one of their biggest doubters all season. But man, that defense can flat-out play. And I’m not a big believer in the Ravens. (Joe Flacco is awful. Just awful.) So I may be kicking myself for this, but I think the Texans find a way to steal this one…or at least keep it close.

Prediction: Texans 16, Ravens 13

PACKERS (-7.5) over Giants

I really wish this line were a half-point lower, but I still like Green Bay. The Giants are good, but the Packers are out of this world good. The Giants will score, but they’ll make a couple of the stupid mistakes the Giants seem to make and the Pack will pull away.

Prediction: Packers 38, Giants 24

Saints (-4) over 49ERS

I believe in the 49ers. They’re going to be a force for quite a while in the NFC. But the Saints are just better. The pressure of that first playoff game for the franchise in such a long time will be a lot to bear, and the great 49ers defense isn’t quite great enough to totally stop Drew Brees and the Saints.

Prediction: Saints 23, 49ers 13

And now…

*Note: don’t take the word “Lock” too seriously.

PATRIOTS (-13.5) over Broncos

I would have taken the Pats even if this line was four points higher. I think the Pats will come out looking to make a statement in this one. The past two years of playoff failures have been eating away at Brady and Co., no doubt, and they’ll be looking to cleanse those feelings with a beat-down of an inferior team. And a beatdown it will be. Look for Belichick to run up the score here.

That’s what I think will happen. I’m rooting for the Broncos. Tim Tebow and his scrappy band of misfits sending the Pats to a third straight playoff failure? That’d be amazing.

Prediction: Patriots 45, Broncos 10

Last Week: 4-0

Regular Season: 43-38-4

Lock of the Week: 12-6