Let me begin by wishing all of the readers of  "Buffalowdown.Com" ..."/>   Let me begin by wishing all of the readers of  "Buffalowdown.Com" ..."/>

Seeing Is Bill-lieving!!


Let me begin by wishing all of the readers of  “Buffalowdown.Com” a very Happy New Year. Now let’s get down to the business at hand and that’s discussing once again  what should be painfully obvious to everyone by now: The fact that until the management of this team makes certain (commitment displaying) moves – which should commence this off season by the way – this team is going nowhere fast. Fast starts with slow painful finishes will be the theme unless they wake up and face facts about poor player scouting and take the necessary steps to right the wrongs they’ve made.

You all witnessed the debacle that took place in Foxborough this afternoon. You all saw the flaws on both sides of the ball (mostly defense though) that led to a 6-10 finish following a 5-2 start. You all witnessed  the Bills snatch defeat from the jaws of victory after jumping out to a 21-0 first quater lead! So after seeing this for seemingly the thousandth time, none of what happend today should of come as shock to any of you. I mean really how could it? In fact when you think about it people, it was a summary of the Bills entire 2011 season: a fast start followed by a long painful finish!

Here’s the positive side of all of this though, brief displays of dominance in a game is an indication that a team’s not too far away from being dominant full time. That literally depicts who the Buffalo Bills are right now, and a good off season starting with the upcoming 2012 NFL Draft can turn this all around. Like it’s been said so many times before guys “defense wins championships,” a statement that couldn’t be more on point then if it were a sharpened number two pencil. It’s a statement that’s been around since the league’s inception and if the Bills management truly agrees with it then we should see signs that they do in April.

One sign that would haft to be looked at as resounding would be the selection of a top rate pass rusher when the time comes to make their selection. My personal recommendation is Quinton Coples a 6’6 276 pound DE/DT/OLB out of North Carolina. Make note of the multiple position listings, he’s played DE and DT for the Tarheels and has more than enough athleticism to play OLB which would make him perfect for the Bills hybrid-friendly defensive scheme. This is a step in the right direction and it shows improvement effort on behalf on the Bills front office.

“Seeing Is Bill-lieving”!! If Buddy Nix wants the fan base to continue to “Bill-lieve” then getting impact players on this roster (through the draft as well as free agency) is the way to make sure they do. When you have an opportunity to select players that other teams that are perrenial contenders would jump at the chance to draft and you don’t do so,  that’s the way to show your fans you don’t care about winning!

Now that’s not to suggest Mr. Nix and the rest of the front office don’t want success for the franchise, but at the same time your actions should reflect your alleged  adjuration for the team to get better. Doing it any other way is an attempt to pull the wool over the eyes of your fans and hide the fact that your main concern is the business aspect of the team and not making the team a contender your top priority.

You can talk until you turn blue in the face about what your intentions are, but at the end of the day the things you do to show them is how you’ll be judged by your peers. No one wants to hear a boat load of excuses about why you didn’t make the obvious move when the chance presented itself. Especially when all you have to do is look at your division rival (NE Patriots) for an example of how it’s supposed to be done. People will always believe what they see over what they hear, regardless of which situation eventually rings true the visual will always have bias at the beginning . With that being the case the fans are more than ready to see something they can truly “Bill-lieve” in and more importantly they deserve to see it! So if “Seeing Is Bill-lieving” (and it is) then maybe the front office will believe when the number of empty seats and games blacked out increases next season. It can and it will…….you’ll see!!