Expiring Contract Profile: Re-sign or not? Stevie Johnson


Stevie Johnson was drafted by the Buffalo Bills in the 7th round of the 2008 draft.  He was a stand out receiver in what was a dynamic Kentucky offense led by quarterback Andre Woodson.

When arriving in Buffalo during his first training camp it was clear that Johnson was an NFL caliber receiver but was trapped at the bottom of the depth chart his first season. During his second year Johnson received a few balls and was destined to get his chance in his 3rd training camp. Stevie made good on that chance and quickly became once of head coach Chan Gailey’s favorite receivers. The time spend on the scout team between Fitz and Johnson payed off as well with instant chemistry which propelled Johnson to his first 1,000 yard season.  As we enter the final week of the 2011 season Johnson is only 36 yards shy of becoming the first Buffalo Bills receiver to accomplish back to back 1,000 yard seasons. Now to the question at hand, Should the Buffalo Bills re-sign Stevie “Why so serious” Johnson? My answer is YES, and i believe it will be done rather quickly when the season comes to a close.

Early reports from WGR550.com have stated that the Bills and Johnson are 2 million apart per season on a contract for the receiver. The report states that Johnson is looking for 7.5 million a season (which is middle ground for number 1 receiver money). Also the article states that Johnson’s agent has came out and said that his client is more than willing to give the Bills a home team discount and wants to stay with this team citing his love for the team and city. Folks, common sense comes into play here if you look at the last two extensions signed this season. Fitz wanted to stay (took the discount) and got extended. Pears wanted to stay and asked for an extension (he took basically backup money to stay in buffalo with his average per year salary in his new extension). Johnson has said he wants to stay and i firmly beleive he will. some where in the ball park of 5.5-6 million a season over 4 years would give him a nice raise and allow him to get a chance at more money before he turns 30 when the deal expires. If he keeps his play up he could then reach for the 7-9 million a year deal. Both sides want this done and it would be an early positive after a negative end of the season.

Also, by no means would this deal prevent the team from say… taking a Blackmon or Floyd should they be available when the bills pick. In fact a re signing of Johnson could mean the team targets a receiver early more of an option as you would want to keep double coverage off your number 1 as much as possible and surround Fitz with as many weapons as possible.