Erik Pears’ Worth to the Buffalo Bills and Possibly Fred Jackson’s extension


Erik Pears is hardly a household name – well, that is until reports of him getting a contract extension before Fred Jackson were reported by WGR550. There is very good reason for the Bills trying to lock up their starting right tackle now instead of waiting for the season to end.

Lets first examine Pears play in Buffalo. When the Buffalo Bills lost out on the Tyson Clabo bidding to the Falcons they had had their minds made that going into camp Pears would be the favorite to land the job. Through 4 pre-season starts it was obvious that Pears was the man for the job. The 29 year of 6’8 mammoth of a man had easily outplayed all competition, but there was also one small thing that stood out to me about his play that has carried through the first half of the season. What is that you say that stood out? He has managed only 1 false start and Zero holding penalties! The man plays mistake free football! He is the first tackle the Bills have had that should garner early Pro Bowl consideration since Jason Peters was on the team.

Next we have to look at why the Bills would want to pay him now instead of locking up D. Bell their current starting left tackle. Its a given that in the NFL left tackle is the prime offense line position. If you are a starting caliber LT – not even an elite starting LT – you are going to be one of the higher paid players on your team. Well, the Bills drafted a 4th round Clemson product named Chris Hairston that has played well when in game action and showed enough in camp and practice that the Bills feel he is the future at the position. Hairston signed a 4 year contract with the team which means that there is a guy in the waiting for a chance to start next season and for an extremely reasonable price. Another draft pick or free agent could obviously be added for competition. Paying D. Bell starting left tackle money would cost almost double the cost of a starting right tackle. and given D. Bell’s injury history and shaky play at times, is it really a risk that the Buffalo Bills want to take? My guess is NO! My guess is you pay your solid starting RT now before he hits free agency and becomes an expensive right tackle on a thin tackle market and with the money you save against the cap by not paying starting left tackle money you use it to extend a Fred Jackson.This brings me to my last point on this Erik Pears extension.

Getting Erik Pears locked up now for a team-friendly price (and folks they wouldn’t be in negotiation with him in front of Jackson and Stevie unless it was team-friendly or at least more than fair) allows the team to allocate more funds to Jackson and Stevie contracts that they otherwise would possibly not be able to and takes care of 1 of the 2 T spots for the foreseeable future. then after the season after extensions have been handed out good ole’ boy Buddy Nix can make a decision on the left tackle spot based on what funds are left and decide if another draft pick or cap friendly tackle is out there or maybe a take it or leave it deal is offered to Bell to come back.

Pears has earned it folks on and off the field and if Buffalo can get a solid right tackle locked up with a contract that allows the team to focus on other premier players. It is the smart thing to do!