Quick Thoughts on Bills’ Offseason


Even though I have been totally immersed into my Chicago Bulls and their current 3rd place standing in the East (behind the despised Miami Heat and Boston Celtics), I have also been keeping tabs on my beloved Bills and have some thoughts on what’s been going on at One Bills Drive. Including some of the best news I have heard in quite some time on the team…

-The Bills are finally going to get rid of their World League, UFL, try-to-look-as-much-like-an-amateur-sports-team-as-possible uniforms (and yes I believe that is their technical name). These jerseys are hideous, and not-so-coincidentally the Bills NEVER made the playoffs with them. Personally, I’m partial to the 90’s Bills uniforms, but I’m hearing a lot about white helmets…still an upgrade. Now if only we can get the red endzones back when we get our new turf…

-The rumblings I hear are that Buddy Nix is enamored with Cam Newton. The only two QBs I hear being mentioned in connection with the team are Newton and Blaine Gabbert, with John Clayton specifying the third pick would be too high for Gabbert. I have no insider information and have no idea whether Cam Newton will be great or terrible. That being said, I’m not liking this idea. Kudos to Cam for being willing to participate in the combine, though.

-I am told that Ralph wants a QB. Yikes. When Ralph is involved heavily in personnel decisions, they tend to not work out so well. I know it was Ralph’s money, but it was Bill Polian’s insight that built the Bills we loved.

-I am sad to see Marcus Stroud go, though I do not think he fit the 3-4 scheme at all. Stroud was a passionate player who worked hard and had an outstanding first season with the Bills. He is currently, however, a rotational defensive tackle in a 4-3.

-At this point in the offseason, I’m hoping the Bills realize that they gave up 160 yards rushing per game last season. Let’s draft defensive linemen and linebackers please.

-I’m not sure what to make of labor negotiations to this point, except that the owners are ridiculous to “walk out” on meetings when players want to make 50% of revenues. It seems fair to me that the blood, sweat, tears and shortened lives they give to play this game results in them making half the profits. However, owners continue to be excessively greedy, and want players to play two more games while ensuring them that they’re concerned about their safety. Oh corporate greed, you know no bounds in this country.