BuffaLowDown Exclusive: Paul Posluszny Interview


The BuffaLowDown was able to get an exclusive one-on-one interview with Bills inside linebacker Paul Posluszny. Paul talked about the type of character he feels is on this team, what they need to be legitimate contenders, and how he and his teammates are adjusting to their new defensive scheme.

BLD: What characteristics does this team have that is allowing it to handle a difficult situation with all the losing this season?
Poz: It’s a different situation. There’s a lot of great character on this team. We have to get this organization going in the right direction and nobody here is going to take the easy way out. A lot of great guys are here who are determined to make it work. It hasn’t been easy but we’re going to fight to make it happen.

BLD: How have the fans been in light of the team’s poor record?
Poz: It hasn’t been a great season with our poor record. But you look at the Detroit game where we were 0-8 and fans stayed for the entire game in the rain. We have great fans and things will be even better when we start to win. These fans deserve that, and we can tell they’re behind us.

BLD: What will it take for this team to be able to start competing for the playoffs?
Poz: The most important thing for this team is just to win. It’s a tough situation for all of us. We prepare ourselves off the field and work hard on it. We have the talent, we just have to learn to be able to finish the job.

BLD: How is the adjustment to the 3-4 defense going?
Poz: The adjustment is going well. Early on it obviously was not going as well as we wanted. The coaches are teaching us all the time. The defenses (3-4 and 4-3) are two completely different things. When we get comfortable we feel we can be really good in this defense, and we feel we’re getting closer every week.

BLD: What has accounted for the recent improvement in the team’s performance on defense?
Poz: Really there’s just been increased communication on the field, before and after the snap. Players are also continuing to get more comfortable in their roles.

I also couldn’t let Paul go without telling him that he needs to bring the long hair back, which he assures me he is working on, and will get it back as quickly as he can. I’m not saying it’s a Sampson situation, but hey, it can’t hurt.

It seems that Poz’s attitude has been reflected by the team’s performance on the field. It seems that the players have no interest in laying down the rest of the season and trying to get the first pick in the draft. They seem to feel that they’re going to continue to work hard and get better, and that all the talent they need is right there in the locker room. While the performance in many areas might beg to differ with Poz’s assessment, I don’t think you’d want a player who thought any differently. In many ways the Cincinnati game was a reminder that these guys aren’t going to quit, and that they have shown improvement throughout the year, defensively and as a team. It’s also good to know as a fan that the players are appreciative of the fan’s efforts, as Bills fans continue to show support for their struggling franchise.

The BuffaLowDown would like to sincerely thank Poz for taking the time out and granting us an exclusive interview.