Other Bills on the Way Out?


The Bills are already starting the process of looking to the future. When a team has this many holes, it’s probably wise to get a head start on trying to patch things up. With the trade of one of their three backs for a couple of draft picks, you have to wonder who is untouchable, if anyone is, between now and October 19th, the trade deadline.

While there may be some debate as to whether or not you trust the Buddy Nix/Chan Gailey hierarchy, those two are most likely the two most important men in the organization at this point. The reason I say likely is because you still wonder how active Ralph Wilson is in pulling some strings on this football team. I don’t know if it’s optimistic or pessimistic to wonder if Ralph had his hand in Chris Kelsay’s 4 year/$24 million extension. The Trent Edwards cut and Marshawn Lynch trade both make a lot of sense, and it appears that any rational and well-meaning football mind would have come to the conclusion that those were the right moves (though the timing could be debated). The Kelsay signing doesn’t seem to make any sense, and you wonder if Mr. Wilson just thinks Chris is a nice fellow.

One of the more controversial names being floated around is Lee Evans. Evans is not earning his large salary, whether it is his fault or not, and may be one of the more valuable chips the Bills have. Shedding some salary, and maybe getting a draft pick that could turn into an offensive lineman or linebacker, might be a worthwhile venture for the Bills. Granted, this would leave them awfully thin at receiver, and they might end up drafting Aaron Maybin Jr., but you have to move forward with hopes the Bills can improve their drafting. The big problem with dealing Evans may be that you’d likely have a young QB next season without a big time receiving option. You just wonder if Evans can be a security blanket when he mostly stays on the sidelines running fly patterns. I think if you asked Trent Edwards, and he answered candidly, he may have rather had a productive tight end or another decent offensive lineman.

With no sources other than my own logic, some other names that may be floated around in trade talks are Marcus Stroud, Paul Pozluszny, Donte Whitner, and Kyle Williams. Those are the guys on the team that might still have some value outside the organization, while at the same time, might not be the best of fits in terms of what the Bills are trying to do schematically.

If there are any untouchable players on the roster, I’d have to guess that Jairus Byrd would be one, C.J. Spiller would be two, and…I’m pretty sure I could be talked into trading anyone else on the team. Feel free to comment and let us know who you think the Bills should trade or keep.