Bills Pull One Out, Beat Jets 16 – 13 in OT


It wasn’t pretty … but a win’s a win.

The Bills needed overtime and two field goal attempts to win, but you won’t hear too many in Buffalo complaining. Lindell kicked a 47-yard field goal with 2:44 left in overtime, making up for a miss at the end of regulation which would have won the game.

Buffalo was able to capitalize on an atrocious outing by rookie QB Marc Sanchez who was 10 of 29 for 119 yards, zero touchdowns, and five interceptions. At one point it actually looked like he would have more completions to guys in white, red and blue than guys in green … no kidding. The Bills offense didn’t look much better as QB Trent Edwards went down with a concussion early in the Second Quarter and the former QB from Harvard, Ryan Fitzpatrick, took the helm. Fitzpatrick struggled with accuracy – completing only 10 of 25 – and didn’t have overwhelming support from the ground game. Marshawn Lynch was able to notch 61 yards while Fred Jackson added 52.

The Jets, meanwhile, ran all over the Bills who have continued to struggle stopping the run and giving up big plays. Thomas Jones had a ridiculous 210 yards rushing on 22 carries, while Leon Washington was one yard short of 100. Speaking of struggles … Terrell Owens. The Bills tried to get him involved, but the drops continue. He had 3 catches for 13 yards but just doesn’t look like the dominant receiver that has struck fear into defenses in years past. Now whether that is just because the Bills aren’t striking fear into anyone offensively is a bigger question that I’m sure T.O. will be happy to answer for us in the coming weeks.

Bottom line, it was a very sloppy performance by a Bills team that continues to be decimated by injury and bad luck. The Jets tried to give this game away multiple times and eventually succeeded in doing so. Buffalo only tried to give it away once with a late miss by Ryan Lindell on a 46 yarder. In classic Buffalo style, the offense sat on the ball rushing right up the middle for two yard gains leaving a very difficult kick for the win rather than trying to push forward into better range. I never understand those gutless play calls, and I didn’t understand it yesterday. It almost cost Buffalo yesterday, but luckily for us Sanchez was so epically bad that a win for the Jets was utterly impossible.

All that having been said … who gives a S#%T! WE WON! Let’s Go Buffalo!