Team of the Century?


Brad Gagnon of The breaks down who could be the team of the Century for 2000-2010.

Being that the Buffalo Bills once could have been pinned with such an honor, even though Brad places the need for two Super Bowls as a prerequisite, I figured winning four AFC championships in a row had to count for something:


Im going to look at Brad’s top two teams The Steelers and the Pats.

And, as much as it pains me to say it, I am going to have to go with the Patriots as the team of the Century.  And here is why:

When the Steelers won their record Super Bowl, they relied heavily on the stats and wins of a Steelers team from the 70s – which added more wins to the nostalgic “Six-burgh” than the current men in yellow and black.

The Patriots are playing in what could be considered one of the tougher divisions in football right now, not withstanding the collapse of the Dolphins at 1-15, and except for the fatal crashes of Buffalo and the New York Jets late last year, all four teams were really in it to win it through six games.

The Patriots proved to be more Tom Brady last year, when an amazing 11-5 record was shut out of the playoffs.  Vision got them close, and probably could have made a run at the Lombardi.

Yes, there was Spygate – but that scandal only means one thing, the Patriots were the unlucky team who got caught.  In the age of big money contracts, free agency, and a lack of overall committment to the team that drafts a player (compared to the days before free agency) every team needs an edge, the Patriots just had to much of an edge.

The Patriots are going to come out and be great again, and will probably make another run for a third trophy in that ten year span.  Yes, the Patriots should be crowned the team of the century, at least in the football world.

I think the only think the Steelers have in their favor if they can manage to win the 2010 Super Bowl is likeability, I think more fans like the Steelers for their youth and down to earth tones that are brought out by Mike Tomlin, as opposed to the arrogant I will win ways of Bill Belicheck.
If the Steelers win one more, I change my vote.

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