Bills to have new look next year


The race for free agency begins on February 27th.  The Buffalo Bills have nine players eligible for free agency this year,  and another six players that can be made eligible if they do not receive qualifying offers from the Bills.   Here is the list and the approach that thinks they should take.

Free Agents:

CB Jabari GreerLikely to be let go because of money already wrapped up in that position.   I don’t agree with letting Jabari Greer go.  McGee only has one year left on his deal, and the Bills have a much better corner in Greer.  Because of the way Greer made it in the league as an undrafted free agent, I think he plays the position harder, wanting to keep his job.  His play has demanded more money, but I think he has a thing for Buffalo, and will give the team an appropriate home town discount.  Resigning him gives them a fearsome foursome at CB, with rookies McKelvin and Corner showing signs of promise.  McGee can go after next season, or be used as tradebait.  Bills Fan Radio sources have told us that negotiations have picked up with Greers agent, and things do look promising.

OL Duke Prestonshould retain, but the Bills would be wise to bring in another veteran player at the position. I agree with this statement. Duke Preston shows promise, and supported by the right crew can be a good addition to this team.

CB Corey McIntyre – Bills won’t try too hard to retain him.  Again I think this is accurate.  The Bills have a great thing going with Marshawn Lynch and Fred Jackson, and can probably get cheaper depth guys at this position.

LB Angelo Crowellthe bridge may not have been burned, the Bills may be able to return him on the cheap, given his want to return from injury and prove himself.  If the Bills can resign him on the cheap, this gives Crowell the ability to prove that he can return from his injury and contribute to a football team again.  Why let him prove it somewhere else?

QB JP Losmanthe bridge has burned.  Do you need help packing JP?

OL Jason Whittlewont be back.  I agree.  The Bills are going to retool in order to protect Edwards better, Whittle won’t be a part of that plan.

C Melvin Fowlerwon’t be back.  Will suffer the same fate as Whittle.

OL Kirk Chambersvaluable sub who should be retained.  If he is going to play the role the Bills want him to play, then by all means resign him.

LB Teddy Lehman signed in a pinch, no need for him on next years team.  A healthy team at the start of the season doesn’t need a rental player.