History is made, and record are set, Pittsburgh is a Six Time World Champions


The carriage turned back into a pumpkin, the glass slipper was lost at the team hotel, and the horse have turned back into mice. The Arizona Cardinals fairy tale run to the Super Bowl is over, and the Pittsburgh Steelers have won a record sixth Vince Lombardi trophy.

Why did the Steelers win this game in a seemingly easy fashion?  They were calm, cool, collective, and came ready to play.  Arizona watched the Steelers waltz to a 10-0 lead before they started playing, and by then it was too late.  It looked like the Cardinals were going to make a game out of it at the end of the second half, but the Arizona Cardinals coaching staff must have consulted Dick Jauron on play calling, as the Steelers James Harrison intercepted a Kurt Warner pass on the goal line and ran it back 100 yards for a touchdown, setting a Super Bowl record for longest single play in Super Bowl history.

The Cardinals never seemed able to recover and get passed the Steelers defensive curtain, and the Cards defense could do little to contain the power that was Big Ben.  Offensive and defensive penalties did not help the Cards either, as they set an NFL record for most penaty yards in a game, a record that has been standing since Super Bowl XII.

The Arizona defense could not get to Ben Roethlesburger until the twelve minute marker of the fourth quarter – way to late to get back into the game.  With the Larry Fitzgerald signature touchdown catch, the Cardinals ensured that the game was going to come down to the wire, which even with the loss the Cards proved that they could compete with the Steelers, and may make a case for another playoff run if they can improve on this team.  Every time it looked like the Steelers were going to put it away, the Cardinals would do something to improve their chances of staying in the game, with the second sack for the Cards defense, forcing the Steelers into a three and out, with five and a half, down by six.   Then the yellow flag goes there way, breathing some life into the Cardinals fans – and gives Kurt Warner a chance to secure his second Super Bowl MVP, and possibly a free trip to Canton.  And he does just that with 2 minutes and 37 seconds to go, taking the lead with a Fitzgerald touchdown.  Can they hold on?

And Big Ben shows composure and the Steelers use their battle tested mettle to move down the feild with such efficiency and make it a 27-23 football game, a mere two points off what I called before the start of the game.  Big Ben to Santonio Holmes for the winning touchdown.  Arizona thank you for the run and the magic, but Oh No became the word on the sidelines.  Kurt Warner tried, but could not, and the Steelers prevented the Arizona Cardinals from winning their first ever Super Bowl, with the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history.