Playoff Rankings and Predictions Week 1 of the Playoffs


For those of you who listened in to Bills Fan Radio last night at 11pm, you have heard my picks for the Wild Card games.  But just in case here they are again:

Week 1 Predictions

Atlanta vs Arizona – Kurt Warner is a smart quarterback.  He does not make a lot of mistakes, and the Cards despite a mediocre looking record played some good football this year.  Atlanta had to get over the mantra of the Michael Vick disaster, and put on a good show to prove that they don’t need a felon to win football game.  Arizona takes this game to make it to Week 2 of the playoffs.

Indianapolis vs San Diego – Indianapolis is a seasoned team, with experience and fire.  They are also one of the hottest teams going into the playoffs.  San Diego needed a week 17 victory of a dismal Denver team to make the playoffs.  Indianapolis wins this game to make it to the second round of the playoffs.

Baltimore vs Miami – Just taking a look at the teams it would appear that Baltimore would be an easy pick here.  But I am going with Miami because I think they have a strong foundation to build on, and Chad Pennington is a smart quarterback that fits in well with the offense schemes in Miami.  I don’t expect Miami to turn heads this post-season, but I do see them as getting out of the first round.

Philadelphia vs Minnesota – I think Minnesota played some good football this year, but snuck into the playoffs under the radar.  If I had to pick an upset team, Minnesota would be it.  I think despite Miami really turning around in a short period of time makes them the Cinderella team, but Minnesota is more like the Giants of last year.  Despite that Philadelphia should win this football game.

Power Rankings

1. Indianapolis – After winning the Superbowl and then having a less than mediocre shot at it, this team has the taste of victory in their mouths and are eager to get back to the promised land.

2. Carolina – the hungriest of the Super Bowl eligible teams.  I think Carolina can make some waves in this years playoffs and should make it to the Conference Finals if not the Super Bowl.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers – a streaky team, but they have the same victory taste, they want to be a feared team again, and are successful.

4. NY Giants – Looking to repeat.  The Giants were not the powerhouses they started the season as, which they opened with very little championship hangover.  I expect the Giants to do well, but I think the long seasons will take their toll and the G-Men will run into a hungrier team.

5. Tennesee – Smart play got them the record they have, one that almost rivaled the play of the New England Patriots of last year.  These guys are not the New England Patriots of last year.

6.  Philadelphia – Turned it on at the right time of the season.  Should fair well for them going into the hunt.

7. Arizona – this team played with a lot of emotion and heart this year and at many times looked like a buzzsaw.  Were the products of a weak division, which dropped them in the power rankings.

8. Miami – Buffalo should take a look at the changes this team made to really turn around a disaster.  Detroit could learn a thing or two as well.  Inexperience is the one downfall of the Phins.  If they keep things together look for them to be a powerhouse for a couple of years.

9.  San Diego – this was supposed to be San Diego’s year.  Oops.

10. Baltimore – good team that played well and consistent all year.  Not well enough to make waves.

11. Minnesota – up and coming team.  If things continue to progress positively good make more noise in the AFC.

12. Atlanta –   I think this season was solely designed to ward off the stigma of the Michael Vick issue.  They did a good job of detaching themselves from him, and playing some winning football to keep the fans happy.