Buffalo Bills week two report card


I’m sorry for the lack of posts in recent days I’m sure they will pick up quickly now. I’m going to try and put up a couple of post today because there has not been a lack of story lines this week only a lack of time to post them. I figured I would start by reliving some bad memories and going back to last weeks loss against the Pittsburgh Steelers and giving you a report card.

Run Offense: C

The running game never seemed to materialize in this contest. The Bills never really committed to a run attack but the lack of a sustained run game and the score contributed to that. Marshawn Lynch had a few nice runs but overall it was not a great performance. Lynch managed only 64 yards on 18 carries. The run offense looked much better in the stats because of J.P. Losman gaining 38 yards on four carries. The offensive line seems inconsistent in the run blocking to help out the run game. It’s not time to give up on Marshawn Lynch but he seems hesitant when he gets the ball instead of exploding into the hole. The holes in the NFL are much smaller than the holes you get in college nad he needs to be more decisive.

Pass Offense: D

The second half performance helped increase this grade from a sure F. The pass game never seemed to be in synch the entire afternoon. If you look at Losman’s stats it doesn’t look so bad but in the first half the stats were much different. In the first half Losman was 2-5 for 23 yards (not exactly earth shattering numbers). Roscoe Parrish led all the receivers with six catches but only gained 56 yards. There were some questionable call and no calls that led to some of these stats but let’s be honest they need a lot of work.

Run defense: D

The Pittsburgh Steelers ran for 5.6 yards per carry in the game. That is unacceptable numbers for any defense and it seems to be the norm for the Buffalo Bills. The Bills allowed Willie Parker to run for 126 yards and 70 in the first half. The Bills defense seems to have good plays here and there but they are susceptible to the big gainer. Last week it was a 33 yarder by Travis Henry and this week a 24 yarder by Willie Parker.

Pass Defense: C

The lack of a pass rush has hurt the Bills over the first two weeks. The Bills got to Ben Roethlisberger only one time but more importantly he had a lot of time in the pocket. I think one time I seen him balancing his checkbook before he threw a pass to Hines Ward. The secondary didn’t play awful but they need some work as well. The Bills secondary is young and their best friend is a pass rush which I already mentioned is non existent.

Coaching: F

The coaching failed this team miserably last game. The Buffalo Bills never had an opportunity to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers with the game plan they were given. I have been a fan of Dick Jauron since he joined the Bills but he has to allow the players to play the game. I know that the offensive game plan is drawn up by Steve Fairchild but if Dick Jauron has no say in it there is something wrong. The Bills have some talent on the offensive side of the ball but the need to expose that talent and not hide it. It is obvious that the Bills are going nowhere this season so they need to open it up and see what they have. It’s time to show some confidence in the players.